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Описание и отзывы


Brand Introduction


Product Type
Fruit Purée
Brand Name
Fruit / Flavour
Total 23 flavors
Blueberry; Cranberry; Kyoho Grape; Green Apple; Green Melon; Kiwi; Kumquat Lemon; Lemon; Lychee; Irwin Mango; Mix Fruit; Mulberry; Orange; Passion Fruit; Peach; Golden Diamond Pineapple; Raspberry; Red Apple; Ruby Grapefruit; Red-Heart Guava; Strawberry; White Grape; White Peach. 
Place of Origin
Vegan; GMO-free; Gluten-free
6 HDPE bottles/ case 
Weight (kg)
Pallet Composition
108 cases (27 x 4 layers)
Case Dimensions (cm)
Height 30.0 Width 19.5 Length 30.0
Shelf Life
18 months
Suggested Uses
Cocktail,  Mocktail, Slushes, Fruit tea, Sparkling drinks.

Company Profile

Dream Field high-quality beverage products are all directly produced by the factory. Many production lines are fully automated, with high hygiene standards and full inspection. We have obtained three major food certifications: ISO22000 (food safety management system), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Important Control Points) ) and international certification such as halal (HALAL).

Three main production facilities,

Fruit Purée & Powder Production Plant
The fruit is heated with mild pulping technology, and the quality of the pulp is controlled by rapid cooling, which will not destroy the flavor and nutrition of the fruit itself, and make the flavor of the fruit more fragrant and concentrated, locking every drop of fruit essence.

Pearl Boba Production Plant
Exploring the ancient method of making rounds, combining the advantages of hand-making with modern technology, not only to create chewy pearl products, but also to improve the time limit of ice products, and continue to think creatively to develop new flavors, so that pearls can be covered with colorful colors.

Fruit Processing Plant (Frozen Fruit & Juice Processing)
Dream Field uses the rapid freezing technology to preserve the delicious taste of the products, and can control the microorganisms and prolong the preservation time of the products. It will not affect the original taste after heating and reprocessing, which is very important to maintain the best quality of the drink products for export.

Our Advantages

Natural Resources

Product Portfolio


 1. Is Dream Field a manufacturer?
Yes. Dream Field is a professional manufacturer in providing high quality foodstuffs specialized in Fruit Purée, fruit sauce, tapioca pearls, tea leaves, tea powder, all kinds of food powders, frozen fruit pulp, frozen juice, and all kinds of bubble tea raw materials. We are committed to become the finest one-stop purchasing solution for our bubble tea shop and HORECA business owners.

2. Great taste and flavor from the season's freshest fruit.
Dream Field uses the freshest raw materials, with exquisite manufacturing technology, to retain the best taste.

3. Can samples be provided for free?
Samples are definitely for free, but shipping charge should be covered by you.

4. Is OEM(Private label)/ ODM(Flavor customization) services accepted?
For OEM services, logo, label designs and packing specification can be changed according to your requirements;
For ODM services, different flavors of fruit purée, fruit sauce, tapioca pearls, tea leaves, tea powder, food powders can be customized based on 500kg per item order. ODM services is US$500 per item which can be refunded after official order is placed.

5. Can we place a trail order?
Yes. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you a special offer for the trail order.

6. How long is the lead time?
Usually within 15 days. To be discussed for larger quantity.

7. What kinds of payment terms can be accepted?
T/T wire transfer, Paypal, Credit Card. This is negotiable.

8. If we do not have any knowledge of opening up a shop, can you assist us?
Yes, of course, we have licensed training programs which includes Coffee Barista Programs, Tea & Beverage Programs; Desserts & Bakery Programs; and of course Business model programs which teach beginners to run their shops and restaurants from the scratch. please contact us for more information about these programs and it's relative cost.

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