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The pomegranate plant is a large shrub or small tree that has smooth, evergreen leaves and showy orange to red flowers. It has rounded fruit with a dry outer covering (husk) made up of two layers:

(1) a hard-outer layer called an epicarp
(2) a soft inner layer called a mesocarp.




Colour Red 
Moisture  95%-100%
Place Of Origin India 
Custom Packaging Available 
Feature 100% Natural

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BDEX was initially with a mission to provide high-quality food at very reasonable prices. At BDEX, we believe in honesty, integrity and quality. Over the years, we have established long-term business and personal relationships with other companies that share personal and personal beliefs. At BDEX, every customer is important and receives our attention.


We are dedicated to serve their need quickly without compromising on quality. Our hard work and experienced team enable us to provide our customers with superior service, high-quality products and fast response times. BDEX would like to enhance the unique high-quality experience for those of their Knowledge and Enhance Their Appreciation of Indian Foods.


Our Mission:

BDEX Mission is to source and deliver high-quality affordable Spices and other food products to our network of customers in the world's Wholesale and Retail Products Industry, in a timely and most in a cost-effective manner.                                                                                                                                       

Our commitment Our policy is to make every effort to provide our customers with the best service and quality that can be offered, with utmost integrity. We also our production producers and Like vendors to know without a doubt, that we are committed to being fair and ethical with every situation that presents itself.


Our Vision:

BDEX vision is to export and to import best quality products meet food safety standards with . And one of the main principles of BDEX is to care for the environment and human health with a maximum in mind until realizing its planting goods.                   

Quality Control:

Serving quality products to our customers is our top priority and due to the same, various Quality checks are conducted. future results under the supervision of our quality control officers. In addition, taking rich experience in the field of concern has also helped us in taking relevant steps to prevent organic products from damage caused by changes in the climate of external pollutants.





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