Надежная борьба с контейнерами благодаря качественному счету-фактуру и отдельным

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Product Description

Reliable container de-consolidation work with cargo invoice and separate documents qualitatively

The service includes direct work with the cargo, as well as solving documentary issues. For each product group, its own invoice is drawn up and separate documents are prepared.

For customers, de-consolidation becomes a great way to save time and money, as well as to create an optimal scheme for the delivery of products on target routes. Container de-consolidation makes it possible to reduce transportation costs and choose the optimal format for working with large batches.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging DetailsCarton Box
Unit TypePiece/Pieces
PortSt. Petersburg

Our Company


Owned by: customs terminal, warehouse complex, vehicles (from 5T to 21T), container ships, on the territory of the company there is a warehouse and a customs post.

The company has extensive experience working with combined cargoes from China: de-consolidation, processing, declaration, delivery to recipients.

The history of VAVS began with the desire of several enthusiasts from Ulyanovsk to join forces and create a local company in the region that will deal with international cargo transportation. In 2017, we delivered the first batch of cargo from China to Ulyanovsk. In 2020, we took a leading position in the Volga region in the delivery of international combined cargoes. And in 2021, they began offering services to customers all over Russia.

We are confident that the successful development of VAVS is based on the professionalism of our team and its sincere desire to create a reliable logistics company of international level in the region.

Today, VAVS delivers and stores cargo from China, Turkey and Europe. We offer our clients a full package of services for import and export operations, including customs clearance of goods, terminal and warehouse services.

Own warehouses

We have warehouses in Europe, Turkey and China, as well as customs terminals in Russia. Well-developed infrastructure helps us to ensure a short delivery time

Own transport fleet

For international freight transportation, we use our own transport and are confident in its technical condition, which allows us to avoid breakdowns and deliver the cargo on time

Responsibility for the cargo

Each shipment is necessarily insured as part of the carrier's liability insurance. We have all the necessary resources and experience to solve any emergency situations

Openness to any tasks

Our experience and resources allow us to fight for the most difficult orders related to the delivery, export and import of goods. For each client, we select a logistics solution that will allow you to quickly solve the problem without overpaying


How fast is the processing of the prefabricated container and its de-consolidation at the terminal?
Processing and de-consolidation takes place within 1 working day.

Can you deliver customs-cleared cargo to other regions?
Yes, we can deliver customs-cleared cargo to other regions of the Russian Federation as we have our own fleet of vehicles.

Can your company carry out delivery from China, customs clearance, storage and delivery to the client on a turnkey basis?
Yes, we have a staff of employees who have been doing this for more than 5 years for the largest international (including Chinese) enterprises in our region.

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