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Products Description

Kitaoka, a famous Japanese restaurant
Collaboration of ultra-high pressure processing (HPP) manufacturing methods   You can also enjoy at home the masterpiece that you could only taste at the restaurant.

"Taihaku-zuke" is a specialty of Kitaoka, a famous Japanese restaurant representing Hiroshima and the Setouchi area. It is simmered in a unique blend of soy sauce, Kamotsuru sake, and other carefully selected seasonings, and the flavor of the ingredients is further concentrated using a proprietary ultra-high-pressure process (HPP). The umani oil marinade is made with non-toxic thick white sesame oil and ultra high-pressure aged argan oil to give it a rich and deep flavor. You can now enjoy this delicacy at home, which could only be enjoyed in restaurants. No preservatives are used.

HPP Oyster in oil

Oysters (from Hiroshima Prefecture), thick white sesame oil, super high-pressure aged argan oil, sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, (some ingredients include wheat)
Box size
Contents of a box
Plastic bag&Paper bag

Product Usage

How to eat it: You can return it to room temperature and eat it as it is.

Sake, beer, and wine snacks
You can chop it into oyster rice and add oil to a wide range of dishes such as pasta and salad.
●They will be produced after receiving your order.
●Extra shipping charge will be applied for refrigerated shipping.


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Prices may vary due to exchange rate differences and increases in the price of packaging materials.
We are not sure if we meet your country's standards, so please check carefully by yourself.    
Cautions for use 
Before using this product, please take care to ensure that there are no skin problems.
Do not use this product on areas with scars, boils, eczema, or other skin problems.
If this product does not agree with your skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water or lukewarm water and discontinue use.
If you notice redness, swelling, itching, irritation, dark spots, or any other skin problems during use or when exposed to direct sunlight, consult a dermatologist or other healthcare professional as continued use may worsen symptoms.
Please be careful not to get it into your eyes. If it gets into eyes, do not rub and rinse immediately with plenty of water or lukewarm water. If irritation persists, consult an ophthalmologist.
The product may freeze at low temperatures (below about 12°C), but this does not pose a quality problem. Please use at room temperature.
To avoid misuse and quality deterioration, do not replace the container with another one.


1.Do you have any sold-out items in stock?
Items marked "Sold Out" will be discontinued. Items marked "waiting for stock" will be in stock and resale

2.Can I make a reservation?
Due to the order system, we cannot accept your reservation.

3.Could you let me know when you receive new shipment
The details of receiving items are only available on the product page. We do not offer individual information services to customers.

4.Can I order by phone or fax?
Our store accepts orders by the website.

5.I want to check the stock.
"If ""Sold Out"" is not displayed on the product page, you can place an order because it is in stock or is scheduled to arrive. soon However, we are also updating our inventory one after another, but due to the time lag, we may run out of stock after receiving your order. In that case, we will contact you by e-mail, thank you for your understanding in advance.

6.When will it arrive?
We will inform you of the estimated shipping date in "Thank you for your order" email after confirming the order details at our store. please wait for the above confirmation.

7.Regarding e-mail service during holidays (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)
We will respond to emails received during the holidays one by one Please forgive our late reply.

8.Is it possible to cancel after placing order?
The orders can be cancelled by a business day before the scheduled shipping date.

9.Is it possible to cancel the product that has already been shipped?
I'm sorry, but we can't cancel the order after the shipping or (on the day of the shipment).Thank you for your understanding.

Please ship more than two items together.
We do not accept the package with two items together because the shipping warehouse may be different.

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