Весенняя текстура, освежающий сладкий вкус, свежий гигантский Королевский Лобстер

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Frozen Fresh Japanese Spiny Lobster - Industrial & Gift Pack ( Ise-ebi )
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ISE-EBI, the native spiny lobster found in Japan's limited shores with warmer currents, "Kuroshio currents", has been known as one of the most luxurious delicacies in Japanese cuisine since ancient times. Its amazing look, exremely fresh, springy texture and the refreshingly sweet taste attracts lobster lovers from all over the world. Located alongside the beachline close to the famous tourist spots like Izu or Atami, this young and innovative fishery company engaged the most advanced rapid freezing technology to produce this fresh and hygienic frozen ISE-EBI. Defreezing before serving by running water for about 30 minutes is highly recommended.

The catch of this lobster is subject to the season and to many other naural coditions. The basic peak time is From September to December in Japan. Catch during January to May is off-season, but supply is moderate. From May to 15 Setember, the supply usually becomes the tightest. No additive.
(Shell Life) 2 years frozen.
Gift pack is available.

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Company Profile

Hinode Global Co. Ltd.
Founded in 2014 by members who have successful international achievements in different segments. Innovative and far-sighted, we started from introducing Japanese food & beverage category that is healthy and famous, yet to be integrated well into the standard international menus. We work closely with manufacturers to introduce the real good ones. And not only the products, but also the people behind matters for us. It is not just capital, building nor facilities, but people. People first, then business and products. It is our policy. More to come, Hinode Global, "Another Sun, Another Life".

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