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Product Description

Product Name
Laptop privacy screen protector with high transparency, scratch resistance and privacy protection
Anti-scratch Anti-Fingerprint anti-explosion Anti-SPY High Transparent Anti shock Dirt-resistant FULL COVERAGE Anti-Oil Anti-Glare Waterproof ULTRA-THIN Bubble Free design privacy
computer notebook laptop PC

  • Laptop Privacy screen protector

Laptop privacy screen protectors are easy to use and prevent others from peeping. Laptop privacy screen protector adopts the principle of new blind technology, with high transparency, scratch resistance and privacy protection. The surface of the film is smooth and delicate, and the surface of the inferior film has no twill. Although the screen brightness is slightly reduced, the display becomes softer. When the screen is rotated 30° on the straight side, the text on the screen will gradually become unclear; when it is rotated to 60°, only a black screen can be seen, and the privacy protection effect is excellent.

Details Images

According to different camera holes, different usage methods are designed. It can be seen that the edges are completely covered, there are no gaps, and each hole is 100% fit.

Aiming at the edge curvature of the for laptop , the 3D hemming design is adopted. It can be seen that the edges are fully covered, without gaps, and 100% fit each hole.
Such a design can also greatly reduce the risk of cracking the screen of the laptop by buffering and decompression protection when the laptop is accidentally bumped or dropped.
In terms of material application, the privacy-proof tempered film is made of tempered glass imported from Japan, with a hardness of 9H, which can be effectively scratch-resistant, hydrophobic and oleophobic, and the surface is very easy to scrub.

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Screen protector * 1pcs, installation accessories * 1 set (can be customized packing box, PP folder (optional), alcohol bag, microfiber cleaning cloth, dust removal tape, positioning label, etc.)

Company Introduction

Shenzhen Lifengda Technology established in 2010, a foreign-invested & fast-growing technical company, over 10 years experience of optical screen protectors, focus in new material and technology development for OEM&ODM B2B&B2C clients all over the world. 100+ well-trained workers, 4000+ square meters plant and 1000 square meters of head office, full dust-free environment, own developed laser machines and other equipment facilities, ISO14001 and ISO9001 approved, premium quality, strict inspection and best service! We are the high-tech enterprise of developing hard & resistance UV coating too. We supply unique consumer protectors, independently owned 20+ patented products and trademarks, e.g. magnetic privacy, screen protector install tooling, paper feeling film, OEM & ODM is welcomed, product certificates are all approved. Lifengda is committed to the development and application of the optical film industry, striving to become the leader in the protective film industry.

Company Certification

We provide unique consumer protectors, independently own more than 20 patented products and trademarks, such as magnetic privacy, screen protector installation tool, paper feel film, OEM and ODM are welcome, product certificates are all approved.


why buy privacy screen protector?
We are the professional manufacturer of screen protectors and have been in this industry for 12+ years, our dust-free workshop which can better ensure product quality. At present, our products have obtained a number of quality certifications, include ISO14001, BSCI, TUV, SGS, ISO9001 and so on. Not only our dust-free workshop, but also the fastest delivery speed, our goal is to provide customers with the best one-stop service.

How do we guarantee the quality of the privacy film?
Our factory has a full range of dust-free workshops, and products are fully inspected and controlled.

How is the quality of our privacy screen protectors?
Awesome and high end (privacy feature, flatness, clarity, installation).

What material is the privacy film?
It's PET material for laptop and monitors, we supply glass film on laptop and iPad. Presently more PET demand on iPad than tempered glass. Laptop privacy film, if necessary, can also be customized PET material.

Does privacy film accept OEM packaging? Can you customize the LOGO?
It accepts OEM packaging, and the LOGO can also be customized.

Other Question
If you have other questions that need to be consulted, please feel free to contact the customer staff of our store at any time, and we will answer you patiently! Thanks for your inquiry and viewing! Have a nice day!

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