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Products Description

・Brings out the sweetness, sourness, and aroma of fruit
・Use carefully selected ingredients
・Handmade in our own factory

Fruits have seasons.
We made gelato out of the desire for customers to enjoy delicious fruits, even when they are not in season.
Finished so that the fruitiness remains like a fruit specialty store.

There are assortments for gifts (boxes and cups) and bulk standards for value packs.

How to eat

Take it out of the freezer and leave it for a few minutes, and when it starts to melt a little, knead it with a spoon to get a
smooth texture. You can enjoy it right out of the freezer.

All fruits used are from Japan.
Peaches, pineapples, dekopon (citrus fruits), melons, strawberries, grapes, mangoes, tankan (citrus fruits), etc.

At the fruit parlor we run, the gelato and fruit parfaits are very popular.

A special gelato made by a pastry chef at a fruit specialty store.
There are limited flavors depending on the season.
Because they are handmade one by one, they are more expensive than mass-produced ones, but they are made with care.

Product Name
Handmade Gelato made by a Japanese fruit shop
nangoku fruits Co., Ltd.
Place of Origin

Company Profile

Make fruit more delicious
Our company started in 1930 as a small fruit and vegetable store. We have opened stores in department
stores and expanded our wholesale business, and now we are involved in everything related to fruit, such as fruit production,wholesale, retail, fruits parlor, and mail order. In the history of the company, which will soon be about 100 years old, we value trust, appreciate consumers, producers, business partners, employees, and everyone, and do our daily work to keep creating smiles.We will continue to pursue delicious fruits and continue to transmit the passion and commitment of the producers.

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