Манометр для масляного прессования 0 10 бар измеритель давления черного и белого цвета с максимальной функцией 60 (1600056310440)

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Gauge is 60mm (will fit the majority of aftermarket gauge holders or can be used with the included stand)

Can be wired up to light up WHITE or AMBER.(Warning RED)

Comes with everything required for install as pictured (including sensor)

This Oil Pressure gauge has a range of 0 - 10 BAR (x100 kpa).

Adjustable warning setting

Peak display - allows you to show your highest reading with a push of a button.

When initially powered on, the gauge displays an opening ceremony which calibrates the gauge to ensure accurate reading

    Power:DC 12V Professional.

    Fit for most 12Volt Car


Package Includes:

Oil Pressure Gauge

Gauge Stand

Screw knob



Installation Manual

Retail Box






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