AIYIMA A1001 Mini TPA3116D2 100 вт усилитель сабвуфера класса D HiFi моно цифровой высокомощный усилитель звука усилитель для дома

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Product Description

Max Power100W*1, 2 Ohm
Full frequency response20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)
The speaker matches the impedance2-8Ω
Number of ChannelMono
Working VoltageDC12-24V (with adapter DC19V 4.74A)
THDOutput 1W@ 0.03%
Input sensitivity0.2mV
Dimension118.5*98*33MM(without protruding knob section)
Bass cutoff frequency range adjustment40-300Hz
ControlPotentionmeter knob and toggle switch
Audio inputRCA
Audio outputGold-plated interface
Slope of bass attenuation-12dB Slope

Operation steps:
1. Make sure the VOL knob is at its minimum.
2. Connect the speaker according to the back panel interface indication, pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.
3. Connect the audio source you want to use.
4. Connect the power supply.
5. Select the desired working mode
6. Press the power button.
7. Turn the knob clockwise to select the desired volume level.
8. In the SUB mode, the bass cutoff frequency can be changed by adjusting the SUB FREQ knob.




Q: All cables are connected, but there is no sound output?

A: 1. Check if the POWER indicator is on. If it is not lit, press the POWER button to turn it on. After pressing the power button, the indicator light still does not light. At this time, you can find a laptop power supply to test to determine whether it is a machine fault or a power failure.
2. If the indicator light is on, check if the VOL knob is in the minimum state, such as clockwise rotation in the minimum state.
3. If both of the above are normal, check if the device that inputs the sound source is paused, muted, or the volume is at its minimum.
Q: Why is the sound broken?
A: When the power amplifier exceeds the normal output power, there will be a large distortion. At this time, you can adjust the volume of the front stage or the volume of the power amplifier to be normal.
Q: Why does the speaker have a large current sound?
A: If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. Many power supplies in the market have a large interference coefficient, which will cause a large current sound.
Q: Why do I not play the sound source after I plug in the input line, will the speaker have a lot of noise?
A: When using a signal line without shielding, there will be interference signals entering the amplifier. If you hate this sound, you are advised to replace the shielded signal line or unplug the signal line.
Q: Why doesn't my amp work after working for a while, and then work normally after disconnecting for a while?
A: Usually this is the overheat protection of the amplifier. The output power may have exceeded the design power. At this point, you can lower the volume and try again.
Q: Why is the volume of the machine unchanged, and the sound source is different when accessing different audio sources (such as connecting the CD first and then changing to the mobile phone)?
A: The output signal amplitudes of different types of audio equipment are different. The mobile phone is usually 0.35mV, while the CD is 1V. The output signal amplitude of the source directly affects the size of the sound.
Q: Why is the power amplifier starting to listen to the sound is not very good, the high frequency is not clear, but the sound is normal after working for 8 hours?
A: Speakers and amplifiers are very sensitive devices. There will also be a familiar and matching process between each other. Usually our new amplifiers and speakers will be down for more than 10 hours, and the sound will be very good.


1. Please do not open the shell without permission. Improper operation may cause the danger of electric shock.
2. Please use the power supply of the regular manufacturer, otherwise it will damage the machine.
3. Please do not use the machine in a high temperature and humidity environment.


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 1Pcs amplifier


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AIYIMA AUDIO Focus on Audio products of Tube amplifier,Bluetooth amp,DAC,Pre-amp,Amplifier board and Speaker. etc.
Our company Offer Design& Research and development& Producing and Marketing , OEM.
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