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Wholesale Vehicle Tools for Car Wind Glass Restoration windshield Repair Kit


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Apply a little amount of lubricant to the suction cup and spread evenly.

2.Install suction cup

Attach the bracket to the glass surface so that the center hole of the bracket and the glass impact point align.

3.Install the injection head

Screw on the injection nozzle, and lock the positioning lock.

4.Inject repair fluid

Inject the resin repair solution into the injection nozzle, and the injection needle should pass through the injection hole top on glass

5.Install the repairer

Tighten the connection position of the prosthesis and the injection nozzle.

6.Evacuation operation

Pull up the restoration rod, rotate it by 90° to fix it. And pump for 3 minutes, subject to no air bubbles.

7.Observe the bubbles through the sight glass

With the evacuation process, the bubbles in the cracks continue to decrease to disappear.

8.Pressure operation

After evacuation operation,push the lever back to the bottom and tighten the lever lock nut

9.Observe the crack changes

Press for 3 minutes,and wait for the crack to disappear.

10.Paste cured film

Cured film can be reused.

11.Curing operation

Using curing lamp for about 1 minute,to ensure that the repair liquid absorbs light fully.

12.Scrape off residual resin repair fluid

Remove the cured film, keep the blade perpendicular to the glass, scrape off the remaining repair resin, repair completed.


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