Скульптура из стекловолокна с изображением гриба для парка (1600128448014)

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A).Feature:UVproof and Waterproof, corrosion resistant
Customized:Welcome design drawing for customized support
FRP says fibre reinforced plastics, domestic call FRP on the habit.It was based on the synthetic resin materials for the collective, with glass fiber and its products as reinforced material of composite materials.Fiberglass advantages are: good corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal performance is good, but good design and good manufacturability, etc.
Fiberglass products ( fiberglass christmas direction sign, fiberglass furniture, fiberglass planters) elegant appearance, fine texture, smooth surface, bright colour and lustre is bright beautiful.Light weight, high strength.Corrosion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali.Anti-aging, durable, long service life, is not easy to crack, is not easy to fade.Apply to the space of modern high-end building decoration, give a person with high-end, luxury, fashion, modern art feeling.

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