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VR Experience Rides MR Music 9D Interactive Game Sport Machines VR Dacing VR Games Dance for Entertainment

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Amusement Electric Indoor Coin Operated VR Dancing Arcade Game Machine Dance Virtual

Product Description



What is VR Dancing Games Machine? 

EARN Money Bussiness Project !!! 


VR Dancing Games Machine is a vr game machine including fantastic music. It is a luxury appearance in design, colour in gorgeous, never fade entertainment machine. High quality power amplifier system make the machine high quality. Nowadays, the virtual reality of the indoor dance machine is a trend, it can help people lose weight, people become active excited.

1. Hi-Fi Speakers free your body , Dance unconsciously.

2. Experience the Immersive dancing with the stars by the MV embedded.


Advantages of VR Dacing Games Machine

1. Two Payment System: Coin opeartor and slot card.
2. Automatic Lifting Helmet: security and anti-theft.
3. Unattended: Remote monitoring, remote auditing.
4. 42 Inch HD Screen: User-friendly interface design, one-button operation.
5. 5.1 Sound System: Shocking music for attractive.
7. Support Auditing Online: Convenience for business.

8. High-fidelity simulation
9. Exercise your hands and feet
10. Build your muscles


ModelVR Dancing Machine
Machine LanguageEnglish Version or Customized
Screen42 inch HD Large Screen
PlayerSingle Player
Voltage110V & 220V, or voltage converter
Game Qty2Pcs




1. 2pcs games content.

2.Mass Movies & Games Contents and contentiously updating.

3.Software update and technology support for lifetime.
4. Different theme of games for your choose, adventure, cartoon, horror, war, culture ect to suite all kind of customers.


VR Game


Product Analysis


VR Dacing Games Machine is for single player. Since VR Arcade is the latest technology, people will rush to experience, the price can be set at $5-$10.

Every time VR movie is 3-6 minutes, every hour can probably have six batches of spectators.


Operating TimeTicket priceAudience/hourWorking Time(hour)Total Profit
One day$5610$300
One Month$5610$9,000
One year$5610$108,000

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