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Medical hose ventilator,
Medical hose,
Medical anesthesia machine hose,
Environmental protection transparent non-toxic.
Breathing machine hose,
Medical anesthesia ventilator PVC hose,
Anesthesia machine hose,
Medical PVC hose,
Medical ventilator bellows,
Atomizer bellows.


Product uses:


Usually connect one end is CPAP Mask, the other end is breathing machine.

cpap hose1_.jpg


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product Description:


1: Standard Connectors (22mm and 15mm)

2: POE, PCE materials, Aging resistance, very high qualit


Material:  POE/PP/PVC/ EVA
Temperature Range  -10 C to +65 C (14 F to 150 F)
  Structurewavy surface and inner wall. 
Product features

soft material, easy bending;

medical grade new material;
surface gloss, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Lenght 1.8M  (can be customized as per various length).

1.Conveying many liquids and gases.
2.Also used as suds-pipes and protection of metal tubes, wooden doweling and yacht      rigging.
  Suitable for food, medical and contact applications.

3.Made of advanced equipment for ventilator and anesthesia machine, it is a new medical circuit tube used in medical field.





Package Information:     50 PCS/Carton









 About sample 


 Sample charge

  In order to facilitate the customers to confirm the product quanlity, we can offer samples free of charge if the quantity is not too much, if the quantity is a little bit large, we can discuss and have a deal


 Postage charge 

 According to the common practice, the customers will provide us their international express account (such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc.) to make the freight charge collected, if they have not, they can pay us the money via bank transfer or western union in advance then we make the shippment for them


Sample \\ lead time

 Usually it will cost 3 days to prepare them,if for some special ones, they may take 7 days .


About us  

1.  With more than 10 years' experience in hose' manufacture

2.  High quality and reasonable price

3.  Prompt delivery and excellent service

4.  OEM/ODM business is welcomed for us and we are acceptable to the small trial orders for design the new products according to customers




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