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EBM Woks   - Produced by Ebematsu -  

We are professionals in the field of cooking utensils in Japan.

You can count on us for all your cooking utensils.

They are used in many restaurants, bistros and other Western food establishments, Japanese restaurants and other Japanese food establishments, hospitals and other cooking facilities, food processing plants, private shops and chain restaurants, and all the tools necessary for cooking are available.


EBM is a Japanese company that provides cooking utensils to help you enjoy good taste and fun.

From woks, pans and frying pans to glasses, plates and spoons, EBM offers a wide range of products necessary for hotels and restaurants to help customers enjoy a happy time.



• Described as super light, it's so easy to use that you won't feel wrist fatigue or back pain. This is the lightest Woks.

• Excellent corrosion resistance and hygiene

•     The excellent heat-up speed realizes the basics of Chinese cooking: "Quick cooking without letting the flavor of the ingredients escape”.

•     The shot processing on the surface forms an uneven surface and improves oil penetration. Oil penetration is excellent even without heating.

•     The handle is molded in one piece with the body and is very durable.

•     Due to the nature of the metal, empty cooking can cause deformation.


EBM 2 handle woks

 diameter depth thickness kg           code     

30cm              80     1.2               0.6          7279900

33cm              90     1.2            0.7          7280000

36cm             100    1.2           0.8          7280100

39cm             110    1.2            0.9          7280200

42cm             120    1.2               1.0          7280300

45cm             130    1.2               1.3          7280400



EBM 1 handle woks

diameter depth thickness      kg            code 

27cm              80          1.2                0.5          7279400

30cm              91          1.2                0.6          7279500

33cm              98          1.2                0.7          7279600

36cm             110         1.2                0.9          7279700

39cm             121         1.2                1.0          7279800



How to use Iron woks

Empty-burn the pan to remove the varnish on the rustproofing.

Be sure to ventilate the wok.


Hold the wok with a towel and turn up the heat on the stove

until it stops smoking.


Bake evenly, then the color will change from black to gray.

When the whole thing is gray, the baking is done.


Oiling a wok

(Only at the beginning of use)


Add more oil to the wok and fry the scrap vegetables all over

the inside of the wok.


Discard the scrap vegetables and rinse the wok with hot water

before using it.




Rinse it in hot water to get the surface completely dry.

Oil it and store it in a place that is as dry as possible.











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