Великолепное специальное и промышленное литье под давлением алюминиевая изоляция Al2o3

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Product Description


GORGEOUS Special And Industrial Injection Molding Al2o3 Alumina Insulation Ceramic


Technical ceramics are favoured in a wide range of electronics and engineering applications for their chemical and mechanical properties. Compared to metals, they are stronger in compression, especially at higher temperatures. Ceramics have a good thermal stability (i.e. a low coefficient of thermal expansion) and good thermal and electrical resistance. They are also hard, and have excellent dimensional stability.



Al2O3 Properties:

Excellent electrical insulation
Relatively low strength and fracture toughness
Resistance to wear and corrosive
Excellent thermal stability
Resistance to high temperatures
High electrical resistivity
Good chemical stability
High corrosion resistance



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Xiamen Gorgeous New Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly producing and selling advance ceramics. Our company is located in the beautiful island of Xiamen, one of the special economic zones. The environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. Mainly produces a variety of materials of precision ceramics including Aluminum Nitride Ceramic, Metallized Ceramic, Alumina ceramic heater, ceramic metering pump, machinable glass ceramics, boron nitride ceramic, porous ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics and zirconia ceramic and various specifications of engineering ceramic grinding media and parts products. Product characteristics:Compared with metal materials, structural ceramics have the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, insulation, low expansion, low creep and so on. Thus it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal, power, textile, electronics, aviation, aerospace, ceramics, automotive, food, medicine and paper and other fields. Our goal is to creat better value of product for our customers,provide quality service and achieve win-win profit and development.




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