Парк развлечений мини экскаватор электрический мини экскаватор игрушка (1600178758822)

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

 The kids excavator is a full simulation excavator, has the same operating function to engineering excavators and is the mini size.It can be played to dig the soil or toy balls indoors and outdoors,It is suitable for park, amusement park, marketplace, square,experience pavilion, science and technology museum, etc.

Suitable age
children (above 3 years)and adults
Machine: steel Shell: yakeli Crawler: yakeli
Ways to control
coin type/remote control type
Overall dimension
Length:2.8m Height:1.8m Width:0.9m
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Frequency
Rated Power
Max Dig Depth
Max Elevating Height
Max Rotational Speed
Max Work Radius
Overall Unit Operating Mass
Floor space
19m² (360 degree rotation WZD-4)
12m² (180 degree rotation WZD-4)
6.5m² (90 degree rotation WZD-4)

  Children excavators are researched, developed and manufactured according to the working principle of engineering excavator. There are diversified modes of business operation. People can experience the operation of machines, participate in contests or join interactive games rewarded by how many things they dig. 

 Why us?

01.More than 40 patents of kids excavators and kids crane series.

02. Focus on professional research and production of kids excavators in 8 years.

03. CE, EAC certification

04.Exported to over 20 countries, kids excavator market share about73%.

05.15000 square meters real workshop, welcome to visit the factory at any time.

 Company introduction

 Shandong Jining Micro Equipment Co., Ltd is a Chinese original amusement equipment enterprise for engineering machinery, owned by VEKAIN amusement equipment group. It is the earliest enterprise being engaged in research and development, design and production of high simulation of children excavator. It is also a leading brand for experimental amusement equipment with the highest domestic market share, the most complete product category and the most comprehensive after-sales service.

 Our company has R & D department, production department, customer service department, sales department, network department, financial administrative department and other departments, and it is an integrated enterprise for it has a combination of product development, design, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service. Additionally, the company has more than 200 employees, of whom more than 60 are undergraduates, and has formed a complete talent team and a mature team management model.

 Innovation is the driving force of our continuous progress and the company has a leading position in R & D and production capacity. Moreover, our products are rich in category, including children's excavators, children's fishing machines, mini bowling machines, amusement tower cranes, cranes, bulldozers, sightseeing cars and a series of recreational equipment construction machinery. Since 2010, the company has applied for more than 40 national patents.

 We will be adhering to the "professional for excellence" spirit, carry forward VEKAIN pursuit of value --" Micro Recreational Equipment Stimulate the Future", and seek common development of enterprise and society. Based on honesty, high quality and continuous innovation, VEKAIN amusement equipment will definitely become the most influential enterprises in experimental amusement equipment.

 Packaging & Shipping

Step 1:Use bubble wrap to cover the children excavator with 5 layers

Step 2: Use three layers of stretch film to cover the children excavator that has been wrapped in bubble film

Step 3: Place the wrapped children excavator into a wooden case or steel frame, or make a wooden bottom for the children excavator

Step 4: Load the packed children excavators into containers or trucks and go by sea, land or air


For 90% of our shipment,we will go by sea.We can send it by sea, land or air according to customer's requirements.

The quantity of children excavators loaded in containers

wooden case packing
wooden bootom packing

6 pieces
8-10 pieces

13 pieces
27 pieces

Different models,different quantity of loading.

 Question 1: Can you tell me how many degrees the excavator rotate?

Answers: 360degrees, 180 degrees , 90 degrees. It can adjust as your need.
The regulation is very simple. We have detailed instructions.
Question 2: Can it dig soil, sand, and toy balls?
Answers:Yes,it can be played to dig soil, sand,or sea balls indoors and outdoors.
Question 3: Can the excavator move around?
Answers:No, this machine can't be moved. We can customize the crawler excavator that can move around for you if you need.
Question 4: What is the area of this machine?

Answers:The area of each machine is different, this one is 360 degrees 19m2,180 degrees 12m2,90 degrees 6.5m2
Question 5: How can I see the coin report?

Answers: There is a counter installed in the excavator, it records how many times you have played.
Question 6: Can you add flashing light on the excavator?
Answers: Yes, we can add flashing lights on the excavator as your need.
Question 7: How many children can sit in a excavator?
Answers: Two people, a child and a adult or two children.

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