1015100 Gema IG07 инжектор (1600188394367)

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Product Description

Product Name
Gema OptiFlow IG07 Powder Injector
Mode number
Gema Powder Coating Machine
To convey normal organic powders between the powder hopper and the powder gun
Durable material and high concentricity

  • Product description

The OptiFlow Injector is a plug-in type and permits easy handling and quick cleaning. All connections are plug-in types and not interchangeable. 

The injector can be disassembled without special tools. 

The injector is supplied with a PTFE / ETFE cartridge as standard.

Zinc alloy one-time casting process, using multiple molds to ensure high concentricity, so that the use of powder pump more wear-resistant, powder  output uniform, longer working life

Product Usage

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Principle of the injector
When air flows through a nozzle into a cavity, a vacuum will be created in
the cavity (see figure below). This effect is used now for aspirating
powder through a suction opening - a powder-air mixture will be created.

Gema Pro 4.0 powder coating machine

Good electrostatic performance, strong powder adsorption capacity and high spraying efficiency

It has the advantages of superior performance, large and uniform powder output, high powder loading rate in dead angle and good practicability for metal powder. It is widely used in metal surface treatment industry (such as, automobile, motorcycle, home appliances, hardware products, air conditioning, etc.

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Inside package is plastic bag.
Outside package is paper box. To make sure the safety in delivery.
We support all kinds of express delivery, air delivery, sea delivery, train delivery. The customer can choose according to needs.

Company Introduction

Astar Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service in production, R&D; and sales, operates mainly in electrostatic spraying equipment, including electrostatic dust elimination equipment; electrostatic flocking machine, electrostatic powder spraying machine, electrostatic liquid spray machine, electrostatic spraying gun, high voltage module, circuit board, powder barrel, powder tube, Hv cable, reciprocator, spraying room, control cabinet, oven, oven, vibration sieve, the wind leaching room, supply Gema, KCI, Wagner accessories, professional wholesale gun shell, venturi tube, powder pump, deflector, nozzle, electrode holder and other products.


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