Служба обслуживания в японском стиле ландшафтного сада, детальная информация об бизнес консультациях для отеля

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Wataya International is composed of Representative Mayumi Ohara, previously the manager of long-established inn Wataya Besso in Ureshino Onsen, and President Kenji Ohara, who served as Chairman of the All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association. The company provides consulting and management services for hotels and ryokan inns.

For those wishing to build an authentic Japanese-style ryokan inn or Japanese-style facility in your own country, we are available to discuss the following.

・ Construction and operation of Japanese ryokan inns
・ Construction of Japanese-style rooms in the hotel

・ Construction of open-air baths

・ Construction of tea rooms

・ Landscaping of Japanese gardens

We offer detailed and appropriate advice drawing on our abundant know-how, gained through our own management of inns, consulting and management improving for numerous hotels and inns, and practical guidance for our staff. Please feel free to contact us.

Guidance on consulting and management improvement will be decided through consultation, in proportion to the sales of the hotel/ryokan.

Consulting Fee
For the construction of ryokan inns, guest rooms, gardens, and open-air baths, a fee of 5 to 15% of the total construction cost will be determined through consultation.

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