Цветная электронная бумага YalaTech ESL 4 2 дюйма E-ink EPD дисплей ценник серия Lite Беспроводная

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The No.1 Plug & Play Electronic Shelf Label manufacturer

The most user-friendly and best value-for-money electronic shelf label solution for retail businesses.

        As one of the first companies in China to enter the Electronic Shlef Label industry, we truly understand that this product is a package that integrates hardware, software and services.
       So when you are looking for electronic price tags, whether you are a retail solution provider, system integrator or end user, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a qualified supplier.

       All the points above are the reasons why our ESL solution would be the best value-for-money solution you can ever expect.

How To Choose The Right ESL Supplier

ESL Suppliers in China
Company A
Company B

       The separation of hardware, software, and service will bring many potential problems to future after-sales service.Therefore,only a professional supplier that integrates hardware, software, and services can provide the greatest value to customers.
     Based on our in-house design and manufacturing capability, YalaTech has always been and is committed to providing the mostuser-friendly and best value-for-money solution to our clients.

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