Heorshe, новый дизайн, Пищевая силиконовая детская Ультрапрозрачная крышка, бутылочка для молока, детская бутылочка для кормления, аксессуары (1600278143288)

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Product Description

Heorshe new design food grade silicone baby ultra transform cap baby milk bottle baby feeding bottle accessories


Mimics Natural Feeding--Soft Nipple Baby Bottle Just Like Mum
Ultra-soft nipple closely resemble a real breast, your baby is sure to get lost in the feeding experience. The unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness. This design is the best bottle for preventing reflux.
Anti-colic Vent Technology
Anti-colic vent technology
Our unique anti-colic Airflex vent technology was designed to reduce colic and discomfort, by venting air away from your baby's tummy.
Dust-Proof Cap
Our engineers in HE OR SHE gave special consideration when creating the bottle cap, leaving a tiny space between the outside of the cap and the nipple gland to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Just remove the cap and set it aside when preparing to feed, it’s simple, easy, and safe.

Simple to Clean and Assemble
Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. Only a few parts for quick and simple assembly.
Easy To Clean
It is a wide neck baby bottles. The silicone bottle is designed with a 65mm ultra-wide neck, meaning you can easily clean it with your whole hand.
Hand Feeding Just Got Easier
The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold and accommodate babies’feeding positions.


Baby Bottle Grey
Baby Bottle Pink
Baby Bottle Black
Baby Bottle White
160ml /5oz
240ml /8oz
160ml /5oz
240ml /8oz
160ml /5oz
240ml /8oz
160ml /5oz
240ml /8oz
Soft Silicone
Soft Silicone
Soft Silicone
Soft Silicone
Baby Feeding
Baby Feeding
Baby Feeding
Baby Feeding
Flow Velocity
Variable Flow
Variable Flow
Variable Flow
Variable Flow
1 Piece/Paper Box
1 Piece/Paper Box
1 Piece/Paper Box
1 Piece/Paper Box


How can I get my baby to take bottle instead of breast?
Try these tips for a smooth transition:
1.Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. ...
2.Try paced (or responsive, or cue-based) feeding, which mimics breastfeeding. ...
3.Let someone else feed him the first bottle. ...
4.Try to be out of the house.

How to use the baby bottle
When a baby uses a bottle, choose a pacifier that is suitable for the age of the baby, so as to prevent the pacifier from being inappropriate and increase the difficulty of sucking the baby. When the baby usually sits down, he can put the pacifier into the mouth of the baby and develop the habit of sucking the pacifier. Can make it difficult for the baby to resist the bottle.
When feeding your baby, it is best not to put the pacifier directly into the baby's mouth, you can make the baby interested in the bottle, and actively include it in the mouth.
If the baby does not want to use the bottle, don't worry, be patient and lead slowly.
The milk temperature must be appropriate when feeding the baby. If the baby is scalded, it will be difficult for him to accept the bottle in the future.
we provide baby bottles and baby milk feeding bottles,you can know it.

Can you starve a baby into taking a bottle?
Be consistent and patient. Many babies will accept a bottle after weeks (or months) of trying. Don't worry - your baby will not starve by holding out while you're away. Your baby may want to nurse more when you're around to make up for the missed meals, however.

Customer's Reviews

1. Love the feel of this bottle. My son did well with the bottle . Overall we loved the shape and the air flow holes in the dome.
From Rebecca Corder

2 Going back and forth between boob and this bottle is so easy. The silicone is so soft and flexible. It is all extremely easy to clean. I definitely recommend!
From Thabby M.

3.Very easy to clean, nice color, nipple is super soft, easy to hold.
From Alex Peña

4.ICute little bottle. Purchased for one of my daycare children. he stared at it for a while and then realized it was a bottle.
From Julia Navarro

5.Loved it!! I full-time breastfeed and the Dr suggested I start giving my baby water. I tried other bottles but it wasn’t working till I got these bottles!! My son loves them, specially that he can squeeze it while drinking. It’s soft to the touch.
From Sara

6.Had to try it and it works! Amazing concept, easy to clean!
From Vicky Valdes

7.I wish I had started out with these because they are fantastic! This is the only bottle I’ve used that the nipple doesn’t fall in and also it doesn’t have the design flaws that others have that make it hard to get the last bit of milk out. And I can feel good about it not being full of toxins. Worth every penny.
From Linda

Company Profile

Will it be a bouncing baby boy? -OR- Will it be a beautiful baby girl?

HE OR SHE was inspired by wishes for our unborn baby. Even before we know if they will be a boy or girl, we have hopes and dreams for them.

You may have dreamed of helping her put on Barbie's dress or helping him assemble his new model car. Either of these realities would be unique and wonderful! You wonder, who will they be? Amidst all your hopes and dreams for HE OR SHE, one thing is certain; you expect them to grow up healthy and happy. Boy or girl, each will receive unreserved care and affection from the parents.

We are not only the founders, we are also parents. HE OR SHE was born from our desire to protect our newborn from anything that might bring them harm. We couldn't imagine feeding baby something that could make them sick, but the reality is that conventional bottle-feeding presents this serious risk. Conventional bottles offer bacteria moist and warm environments that are often difficult to sanitize due to be being small and enclosed, making them a prime breeding ground for a silent killer. This rapidly-reproducing bacteria can be spread throughout baby's environment or worse, be ingested by baby. The solution-a physical antibacterial polymer. We put together a team of experts, combining the best information from multiple fields to develop this physical antibacterial polymer technology.

This unique polymer helps prevent the spread of bacteria through the bottle by affecting the bacterial perception system and inhibiting adhesion and reproduction of bacteria on the bottle surfaces. The development of this physical antibacterial polymer represents a breakthrough in manufactured antibacterial plastic materials and is already being used in the medical field. These new materials were designed to exceed the highest quality standards. We made it for our baby, so it's a product you can trust for yours.


All products of HEORSHE are BPA-free, 100% of which can be safely used. All raw materials have been certified by international authorities.

Contact Us Now

Over the years, we have been working on feeding products, selecting the most suitable products for babies and parents. With our
innovative and stylish products we strive to make the life of baby and the proud parents as comfortable as possible.
We are grateful to the multiple ambassadors around the world, and they are together with us to fare forth the wonderful journey.

What it means to be an Ambassador?

HEORSHE seek ambassadors to share information about the science and safety behind what we do. HEORSHE ambassadors will have the
opportunity to represent our brand, make an impact in their own community and gain insight on our latest product development.

How can we choose HEORSHE AMBASSADOR?

1.Person who exercises the power of judgment, conception or inference.
2. Person concerned about healthy baby feeding in products that they use. Uses HEORSHE products for free and likes to tell the
world about it!
100 AMBASSADORS NEEDED: Approved Brand Ambassadors will receive A baby feeding product package from birth to 6 years old for FREE.
Plus, be the first on the list to receive new products and professional guidance and support from us for each of your baby
development/GROWING stages.)
Would you like to help us to enrich the journey of HEORSHE? Send a short presentation about yourself to us, We will answer your
email within 24 hours.


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