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Product Description

The full-price full-period cat food produced by Shandong Haidike can adjust the balance of intestinal flora and promote digestion and peristalsis. It is suitable for all cats. The bag weight of cat food is 1.5kg and 2.5kg. According to the wet cat food Choose the right bag.

Guaranteed value of product composition analysis:
Crude protein ≥ 30%, crude fat ≥ 15%, crude fiber ≤ 5%, water-soluble chloride ≥ 0.4.5%, calcium ≥ 1%, total phosphorus ≥ 0.8%, crude ash content ≤ 10%, moisture ≤ 10%, Taurine≥0.1%
Haidike's full-price full-period cat food dry food is added with probiotics to inject new vitality into the intestine and promote intestinal absorption.
Haidike cat food does not contain preservatives, pigments, or attractants, and refuses the addition of harmful substances, escorting the health of pets.

Feeding Table
Cat Weight
0-5 Weeks
0.5-1 Kg
30-40 g
5-10 Weeks
1-2 Kg
40-70 g
10-20 Weeks
2-3 Kg
70-90 g
20-30 Weeks
3-4 Kg
90-110 g
30-40 Weeks
4-5 Kg
110-125 g
+ 40 weeks
+5 Kg
125-150 g

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6. Small quantity samples are available at any time.

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