ISO Утвержденный алюминиевый слиток чистоты алюминия слиток с 99.7% чистоты

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Our company supplies primary aluminium in ingots (Al 99.70%)
Our plant was established in 2001, but we have more than 20 years experience on Aluminum alloy ingot and die casting field.

Our current production capacity is 12,000 MT  per month, production quantity is 10,000MT per month. the furnace take low temp, smelt system. it is most advance technique. our product exported to Korea, Japan, India, Thailand by regular. 

We offer Aluminum ingots 99.7% with the following specification

Al 99.7% min
Other<0.02%, Total<0.3%

Interested Buyers should please contact us for more information and price.

Aluminum interacts with:


alkalis2Al + 6H2O + 2NaOH = Na [Al (OH) 4] + 3H2;
acidsAL + HCL = AlCL3 + H2;
sulfur 2AL + 3S = AL2S3;
halogensAL + Hal = ALHal3.


The main property of aluminum is considered to be its ability to restore other substances from their compounds.
The reactions of its interaction with oxides of other metals show well all the reducing properties of the substance. Aluminum perfectly separates metals from various compounds. An example is: Cr2O3 + AL = AL2O3 + Cr.
The metallurgical industry is actively using this ability of aluminum. The method of obtaining substances, which is based on this reaction, is called aluminothermy. The chemical industry uses aluminum most often to obtain other metals.

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