Съедобные насекомые, питательные безвредные сушеные кузнечики для птичьей черепахи (1600305680795)

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Edible Insect Nutrient Harmless Dried Grasshopper for Bird Tortoise



Grasshopper contains very rich in nutrients, including organic matter: protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc., and a large amount of free amino acids and vitamins for human;Inorganic material: all kinds of salts, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron,Calcium etc.


Ingredients: 100% Dried Grassshopper


 Tips:it is recommended by the RSPB that you clean and wash your bird feeders

and table regularly using a 5% disnfectant solution to remove any dirt oor debris.


warnings:Please be sure that you wash your hands after handling products!





Shanxian Yongzheng Pet Food Co., Ltd, which includes research and development, production and sales, is specialized in pet food products.

The four types of products are as follows:


The microwave dried products: microwave dried mealworms, crickets,  locusts etc.

The freeze dried products: freeze dried mealworms, crickets, locusts ,tubifex ,blood worms& krill etc.

The sun dried products: sun dried shrimp(1-2cm, 2-3cm&3-5cm), silk worm, waterflies, daphnia, wild freshwater fish, gammarus, brine shrimp eggs&decapsulated artemia cysts etc.

The canned products: canned shrimps, canned crickets, canned mealworms etc.











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