9 'x 12' экран для проекции с быстрым складыванием с комплектом драпировки для платья

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Product Description

fast folding projector screenfast folding projector screen

FS-001 (3)az1FS-001 (6)


Fast Folding Screen Description ,


  1. Aluminium casing with wheels

  2. Foldable type, easy to install and carry

  3. Have our own patented locking system.different from the traditional outside button-type folding screen,inside button-type does not influence frame surface,there is no prominentpart,all the key button built in the tube,thus effectively protect the tube,thus effectively protect the joint position,long time durable.

  4. Use 32*32mm or 32*64mm high strength aluminum alloy,it can be foleable,smart structure with air explosion-proof equipment packing box.and the box of high strength compression damping material,ensuring the transmission process safety.

  5. Humane support,through the crank knob can be adjustable height of the screen

  6. Black border use PVC material,highly flexible,black border and fabric with double needle,both fabric an black border allare gave a corresponding contraction space,not changed by temperature and humidity.During -25°c to +55°c,black border and fabric will have not tear marks.

  7. Front,rear fabric used by U.S.A technology's Class A flexible PVC fabric,different from traditional soft fabric ,folding marks can be restored after open short period of time.Screen surface with special embossing treatment,effectively eliminating the glare.At meantime,greatly increasing the fabric's angle & clarity,make the screen florid.

  8. Suitable used for large move place,special for large vocal concert,fair,follow of cinema etc.


Fast Fold Mobile Screens are perfect for convenient mobile usage. Using flexible front or rear screen material to ensure the screen surface perfect flat. Its aluminum foldable joint frame design makes the best performance with fast and easy installation. Supplied with flight case for every screen, the screen is widely used for presenters on the move for indoor/outdoor events, exhibitions, conference usage.

Fast Fold Screen features an easy to set up and sturdy design. There are no parts to install and no tools are needed as the frame and support utilize its own connectors and come with turn knobs built in. Its robust frame ensures it can hold up to the toughest of challenges. With a design that focused on the fast and easily assembly, it's the perfect solution for mobile presentations and performances


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