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72-200 inch Fixed Frame Home Theater Projection Screen 3D 4K Ultra HD matte white PVC Long throw Projector Screen
This thin Bezel fixed frame projector screen is with Top quality screen material:Theater Matte White
It is a perfect match with a long throw or normal projector.
If you are not sure if it is suitable for your projector, please kindly contact our customer service for help.
You can see the wonderful performance of our UST ALR PET Crystal screen through this link: https://youtu.be/mZPXMH2IOMg
All our screens are of excellent workmanship and guaranteed quality.

1. Product name: 72''-200''16:9 thin bezel fixed frame Projection Screen Matte White Home Theater Projector Screen
for Long Throw Projectors,such as the new Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser, VAVA 4K, fengmi,Wemax A300,ChiQ ChangHong,JMGO,Dangbei,XGIMI,Optoma 4K Laser, LG 4K Laser and HiSense models etc.
2. Type of fabric:matte white with 1.1 gain at 156° viewing angle
3. REACH, ROHS, free of formaldehyde's & toluene
4. High quality processed, matte black aluminum frame
5. LED Backlight is optional
6. Easy wall mounting
7. Fully 4K UHD capable, Active 3D compatible
8. Very slim "display design" - only 7mm frame visible on each side
9. 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
10. Customized requirements are acceptable




What Is Theater Matte White?
Screen material advantages: The theater matte white uses high-tech soft PVC as the bottom layer, and the surface has a delicate 4K optical high-definition nano level white coating; In the dark environment, it can fully restore the original color saturation of the image, with higher clarity; Gain 1.1, superior to ordinary fiber glass and white plastic screen; The color is real, natural and soft, the brightness is good, the angle of view is wide, moisture-proof、mildew proof、easy to clean、the picture quality is clear, and the stable optical performance can be maintained. It is suitable for any projector. It is the most suitable screen for dark environments. In order to avoid light transmission, black soft PVC is specially used as the bottom layer of the screen.
Material structure composition: surface layer: 4K optical high-definition nano white coating/high-tech imaging photosensitive surface layer coating/coating particle diffusion layer/bottom layer black soft PVC
Ambient light rejecting direction:/
Indoor light brightness: dark environment
Recommended projector: ordinary/short throw/long throw projector
Recommended projector ANSI brightness:/
Position of projector: front projection
Color of projection surface:white
Color of the back of the screen:black
Whether the back of the screen is transparent: opaque


Avour the Experience of Cinematic Perfection
The thrill of the latest action movie. The seduction of a fine art-house classic. The chill of a creepy thriller. The art of the cinema is only truly known when you are able to let go of reality and slip into another world. Let the lights and sounds envelop you and transport you across time and space.

Integrated LED Back Lighting to Compliment Your Décor (Optional)
Setting the mood has never been so easy. Our Ultra Short Throw frame screens feature integrated LED backlighting, making it easy to pair it with your décor and make your content stand out even more. The high-density LEDs allow for a larger, smoother light aura than most of our competitors, even at the corners! The soft lighting will increase your content’s perceived contrast, making for a better viewing experience.

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Product packaging



1. Are you a factory? Yes, we are a factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
2.Can you customize the size?
Yes, the size can be customized from 60 inch to 500 inch.
3.May I have my logo on the product?
It's no problem to print your logo on the product.
4.What about your Delivery Time?
A: The sample goods will be delivered within 7 days after receiving your payment.
B : bulk order goods delivery time is about 7- 30 days.
5. How can I know your quality and effect?
We will provide free A4 size sample fabric for testing.
6. When delivery the product after ordering?
We will send out it within 5-7 days after payment.
7. When the tracking information updated ?
We will send you the tracking number once your parcel was sent out, and the tracking information is always updated within 3 days.
8. If i cancel the order, when can i get my refund ?
The money you paid is holding by Alibaba, you will receive your full refund from Alibaba within 3-15 days after you
canceling your order successfully.
9. Can you customize it for me?
Yes, we can customize for you as per your request. If you have any special demand, please leave message to us. We will try our best to make your satisfied with our workmanship.

1. Please write full name! Especially for Russians and Latvia.
2. Please make sure your shipping address, post code, phone number is 100% correct.
3. Each item has the real box package, we'll try our best to pack well to prevent damage during transit.
4. We usually declare low price on the invoice to help you reduce the tax, but the buyer need to take the responsibility for tax or VAT duty charged by your country.
5. If you have any special demand about custom invoice value or your country custom requirement, please leave an order message to us.
6. Since it is free shipping, we will choose the shipping method according to the actual situation. Please confirm before
purchasing with thanks.

1. If the item is defective when it arrive at your county, you have 7 days from the date of receipt to exchange for a new one or get compensation, but we just pay one-way shipping freight from China to your country. Before ship it back, pls let us know at first. Also please offer valid proof of the quality problem.
2. If you really don't like the product once you receive it, you can send it back to us with full original packing, and we just
refund you the cost of the item(please note:not including the freight). You have 3 days from the date of receipt to return it.
3.The warranty is not available once the items are damaged by improper use.

If you have any other questions, please contact us in advance, we will try our best to help you solve it at first time.Also, if
you are satisfied with the product after you receive and check it, please give us a 5 star feedback, which will help other people know the product more.Appreciate your kind feedback and support.

1. Q: What's the voltage for the screen?
A: We can do 110V and 220V. Please leave us the order message about your requirements.
2.Q: Does this work well with non-laser ultra short throw projectors? id be interested in pairing a screen with a viewsonic
A: It does work, but it will be darker than normal, as it's NOT the appropriate traditional screen for "regular" projectors.
3.Q:There are some dust and things on the screen, I want to know with which thing or how I can clean the screen?
A:Use a brush to clean along the texture of the screen, remember not to use water.
4.Q: Does this include the projector?
A: No projector included. This is a great powered screen if you need something that hides away when you’re not using it also it’s a great at allowing you to view the projector during some ambient light.can be replaced for free.(within one year, the product is not working properly or the damage has been seriously affected by the viewing, and can be replaced free of
charge. After one year, the replacement will be at a cost.)
2.The motors in all of the screens we sell are available with a five-year free warranty.
3. Within one week after sales, if the product is seriously affected by quality problems, the product may be returned or
replaced,provided that the product appearance is free from any damage and the package is complete; We promise to complete the return and replacement procedures within two working days after receiving the returned products.(except holidays).
4.If the product is in good condition without any damage, we do not support returns.
5. Provide corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee to respond within 24 hours (except holidays).
6. The product damage or other reasons not caused by our company are not included in our free replacement:
(1)Improper installation, resulting in product damage.
(2) Voltage mismatch
(3) Not in accordance with the operation manual caused by improper use
(4) Maintenance or alteration not authorized by the company
(5)Fail to provide proper working environment
(6) Due to user secondary transport caused by the product damage
(7)Damage in the event of natural disasters and accidents, such as: floods, fires, humans, etc.
The above guarantee shall have the same legal effect on each user. Other rights may only apply to specific customers due to changes in the country or region.

Screen Material Maintenance Care
Dust, dirt and scratches on the projection screen surface will affect the quality and performance of the projection image.Follow the instructions below to properly maintain the screen.
1. The screen surface has a horizontal linear structure. DO NOT wipe the screen up and down or in a circular motion. Wipe gently from left to right only.
2. Clean the dust on the screen surface with a soft brush or microfiber cloth. A rough/coarse towel or cloth may damage the screen’s surface.
3. Gently wipe the screen with a lightly moistened white lint free cloth with water or with a neutral detergent (1mL/0.33 oz)
mixed with water (1000 mL/33.8 oz).
Notes: The following precautions should always be followed to avoid damaging the material, which is not covered under warranty.
• Don’t touch the screen material to avoid leaving fingerprints.
• Use gloves when handling the material.
• Don’t scratch the material, as it will leave permanent markings on the screen’s surface.
• Don’t point to the screen material with a fingertip or other sharp objects to prevent damage to the material.
• Don’t use acetone, benzene, alcohol and any other organic solvents to clean the screen material. Using such chemicals will permanently damage the screen.

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