Керамический газовый нагреватель, инфракрасная сушилка HD162 для покраски и сушки порошкового покрытия (1600335260611)

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Описание и отзывы


Product Introduction

This heater is for industrial use, adopt the high quality import cordierite porous plate, adding rare earth catalyst to produce high quality infrared catalytic burner. Main advantages are energy-saving and reducing consumption, improving productivity, long life, easy to install and maintain, environmental protection and so on. The international quality, low prices.

Product Specification

All models specification for industrial application
We have different models and size for industrial use heater, Also the power is different. It can adjust many applications.

Installation Instructions

1) Installation Drawing for Accessory

2) Diagram for whole system

1. Pressure adjustable
Natural Gas: minimum pressure 2000pa, working pressure: 3000~5000 pa.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas: minimum pressure 2800pa, working pressure: 3000~5000pa. Actual pressure should be adjusted by distance between gas source and burner, far distance adjust higher pressure.
2. Adjust the burner
Open the damper to get air in and ignite, adjust the damper to control and withdraw the flame.
After the ceramic plate get red, adjust the damper till no naked flame on the surface of ceramic plate. This is flameless burning, there is no need to adjust the burner in after process.

Product Application

1. Food Industry: Rice Biscuit(rice cookies covered with snow-like sugar )assembly line, grilled chicken, biscuit, egg roll, roasting shredded squid oven, oven for roast duck, smokeless oven, griddle, middle eastern oven, hot pot oven, roasting pachyrhizus oven, snack car, soup oven, cooking assembly line, infra-red gas baking pan, deep-fry assembly line, water-removing machine, baking, etc.;
2. Painting Industry: Liquefied or powered painting assembly line, warm-up, preliminary treatment of heating, desiccating wood, galvanization drying assembly line, phosphatization drying assembly line;
3. Fiber industry:Carpet latex dryer, dyeing dryer, printing dryer, textile dryer, industrial clothes dryer, latex gloves drying assembly line;
4. Glass and ceramics industry: Enamel firing dryer, glass oven, heat-setting machine, mould drying, fritting, parching;
5. Paper industry:All kinds of paper dry lines and auxiliary drying heat wall;
6. Farming and animal husbandry:Heating of barton, heating of crops, grain dryer.

Company Introduction

Chonqqing Haodong Technology co.,ltd
Chongqing Haodong Technology Co., Ltd was established in March 2005, over 11 years we focus on infrared catalytic combustion technology promotion and application in industrial and civil fields. To electric heater, our infrared catalytic gas burner will save 15%~20% operating cost for customers.

Golden customers from USA, Germany, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other 20 countries and regions, so appreciated with good reputation.

Product packaging


Sharon Liao
Mobile/Wechat: +86 19122307299
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