Jz 326 Common Rail испытательный стенд испытательное устройство Heui испытательный стенд (1600337322639)

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Product Introduction

JZ-326S common rail injector test bench adopts full automatic control, which can conveniently repair and test Euro-3, Euro-4 injectors.
It can test thousands of injectors, including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Caterpillar and so on. The experimental data are complete




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Functions Description


1. Integrated flow sensor 

15. BIP function

2. Full-automatic  Fully function 

16. Can test piezo injectors

3. With electronic measuring system  

17. Can test common rail injectors

4. Accurate data  Multiple protection

18. Can test HEUI common rail injectors

5. Prepositioned precise filter for sensor

19. Oil level lower limit alarm 

6. Real-time display the fuel delivery graph

20. Opening pressure and flow rate of oil nozzle

7. Intelligent algorithm  Automatic calibration

21. Coding code of Denso QR code

8.  Automatically heating/cooling control for test oil

22. Coding code of Delphi C2i,C3i code

9. Bosch CP3 pump and high pressure oil rail with DRV  

23. Coding code of Siemens VDO-IIC code

10. Bosch datas are from the orginal equipment of EPS708

24. Coding code of Bosch piezo injectors

11. Denso, Delphi, Siemens data are calibrated by the latest injectors

25. Coding IMA code of Bosch 110 injectors

12. Data backup, software update and cloud upgradable functions

26. Industrial computer with touch-screen

13. Function debugging can be realized under different speed conditions 

27. Many language interfaces can be switched

14. Measurement of resistance and inductance of injector's solenoid valve

28. Test items: preheating emptying; tightness; full load; fuel return; discharge volume; pre-injection volume; idle oil volume

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Our Advantage

Hardware advantage 

1. Motor power is 6.5 KW

2. Air-cooled heat dissipation kit

3. Metering valve detect the fuel flow

4. Imported flow sensor from Germany 

5. Equipped with Bosch genuine DRV

6. Equipped with Bosch genuine CP3 pump 

7. Equipped with Bosch genuine common rail tube 

8. Oil tank (including heating,refrigeration,liquid level detection,temperature detection)

9. Short-circuit protection, ground protection, over-pressure protection during the testing

10. Equipped frequency converter to achieve testing function under different speed conditions

11. Equipped precise filter before flow sensor, which can effectively keep the sensor clean and extend the flow sensor usage life


Software advantage 

1. Timing injection responding sensing system of the injectors

2. Coding system, can generate different compensation codes and correction codes

3. Measurement system of resistance and inductance of injector's solenoid valve

4. More than 3000 test data used for different brands injectors and pumps calibrations

5. Data backup, system software and database upgrade free charge all the time by remote

6. Electronic measuring system, automatic testing the fuel quantity of all working conditions, and generate report after testing

7. Automatic test injectors under different working conditions, automatic analysis results, and generate report after testing

8. Intelligent algorithm is used to automatically calibrate the fuel quantity of the new injector, and generate reports after testing

Product Details


Technical Parameters

Technical  Parameters


6.5 KW


3-Phase 4-Wire  380V 50/60HZ

Rail Pressure

0~2700 Bar

Rail Pressure Precision

±5 Bar

Tank Volume


Fuel Temperature


Filter Precision

<  5μm

Gross Weight

500 kg

Packing Size

1450×1050×1650 mm

Speed Control Model

Converter Control 

Temperature Control System

Air-Cooled Heat Dissipation

Nozzle Sensor

Imported Original Elliptical Type Flow Sensor


English, Spanish, Russian,etc


Metal Plate


Powder Painting, Durable


Green (can be customized)


Jing Zheng Hong Ye (can be customized)


1 Piece


40%Deposit, the rest paid before delivery

Warranty Time

12 months

Delivery time

30 days after prepaid

Shipping Packing

 Wooden Case

Packing and Delivery

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