Портативная Интерактивная настенная игра зомби с USB, гигантская Интерактивная настенная игра для торговых центров, парка развлечений (1600338191464)

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Product Description

Product Name
Interactive Wall Projection Games System
transform any wall/floor into an interactive,exciting,entertaining experience

  • About Interactive Wall

Interactive Gaming Wall can transform any flat wall space into an interactive playground; it combines fitness entertainment and
educational features, making it suitable for a variety of different areas and settings. It is super simple to install and use, and
can be tailored to almost any environment.

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Cost effective and light weight

Laser Emitter and signal receiver
               Signal Receiver
Packing List: 1. Signal Receiver 2.Emitter 3. IR pen 4.USB cable (10m) 5. Remote 6.Power Adaptor 7. CD with software

Product Usage

Easy Install:Just install the laser emitter in the middle area above the whiteboard (or flat surface) and put the signal receiver on the projector.

Interactive projection wall games,write&draw by finger are all available,after install as right photo shows.

 Automatic(5 seconds) / Manual (4/15 points)
100 points touch,Writing and erasing can be performed simultaneously
Software auto-control, enhance stability
Minimum Active Size
40 inch
Max Active Size
200inch( no sunshine room)
Laser Image Calibration Technology
Positional Accuracy
±1 Pixel (Resolution: 4096*4096)
Aspect Ratio
Number of lasers
unit *2
Power of Laser Beam
Power requirements
Signal refresh rate
The sensor and computer are connected by USB Cable; Emitter and Sensor are wireless; Emitter just need power.
OS Requirement
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10
OwaySIWB; multi-board
1. Sensor 2.Emitter 3. IR pen 4.USB cable (10m) 5. Remote 6.Power Adaptor 7. CD with software

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Each in die-cut polyfoam and mail box, deliver by sea,air,express according to the quantity.

Company Introduction

Hunan Top Smart Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2018. It is a company engaged in the research and development, production, sales and export of interactive products such as interactive floor, interactive wall,immersive games, large touch screens and portable touch interactive systems, portable electronic whiteboards, interactive projectors IDMs, and real interactive games.
Top Smart has a number of patents and software copyrights, and is writing a large number of patents and software copyrights.
Top Smart has an excellent management group and technique group, we will make efforts to increase R& D investment in order to ensure the high quality of the product for clients, offer first-class presale and after-sale service.

Company advantages:
1.You can add your logo as an advertising element in some games
2. 2. Some interactive special effects can change the background image, which can attract more people to your ads.
3.Support Remotely management
4.Customized development service


Q1: What the whole set of interactive wall/floor includes?
A1: It includes: a.computer (clients prepare or buy from us)
b. projector(clients prepare or buy from us)
c. touch system FT8 (buy from us)
d. games(clients prepare or buy from us)

Q2: Do you provide the whole set of interactive projection wall/floor system?
A2: Yes, we can provide the whole set of interactive projection system. Please leave us your contacts email/whatsapp/wechat.

Q3: Can I buy any other projectors?
A3: Yes, just give us the size of the projector, and we’ll customize the system to your needs.

Q4: If I buy the basic version, can you teach me how to install the interactive floor system?
A4: Yes, we will provide you with a detailed user manual and an installation video.

Q5: Can you design new effects for me?
A5: Yes, you can play your imagination, tell us what you want and then we design.

Q6: What’s the delivery time?
A6: After payment, 3-6 business days after the offshore time.

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