[MTM] 2N m 24 В электромагнитный выключатель сцепления электромагнитного промышленного тормоза Без Рычага для двигателя (1600343612909)

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We are the factory in DongGuan professionally produce transmission parts for machines simple listed here for your reference :

1. magnetic powder clutch and brake series
2. tension controller series : manual tension controller,automatic tension controller.
3. air shaft and air adaptor series
4.safety chuck series
5. Edge positioning system series
6. air brake and clutch series
7. electromagnetic clutch and brake series
8. worm reducer and motor series

Product Description

Electromagnetic brake operation principle:
Permanent magnetic brake designed for industrial and mobile applications. Brake force is produced via magnets which reduce both size and weight of brake versus spring applied brakes. Armature is mounted via springs which eliminates backlash. Standard brakes can accommodate temperatures up to 140deg C. Brakes can be tuned to provide a controlled stop. Output assemblies easily modified to fit your application

Brief introduction of electric brake (Dry Single-plate Solenoid Brake):
Structural features:
1, compact structure of the deelectrification brake axial size is small, but the braking torque is large enough.
2, rapid response to the loss of power brake is the use of a spring device to form the brake torque, spring reset time is the
brake response time
3, life long loss of electric braking using new friction materials, determine the performance of high life.


Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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