Морской дизельный двигатель weichai, цена для корабля (1600348280710)

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            weichai marine diesel engine price for ship engine (2)_

Parameters Table

TypeFour-stroke, water cooled, in-line, turbocharged/turbocharged and intercooledNumber of cylinders6
Cylinder Bore/stroke126×130(mm)Displacement9.726L
Oil consumption rate≤0.6g/kW·hNoise≤99dB(A)
Minimum fuel consumption rate195g/kW·hIdle speed600±50r/min
Torque reserve20-35%Rotation direction of crankshaft
(facing the flywheel end)

Length × Width × Height/net weight

Turbocharged 1499×814×1164(mm) 1018kg
Turbocharged and intercooled, dry-type exhaust pipe 1447×960×1211(mm) 1056kg
Turbocharged and intercooled, water jacket exhaust pipe 1452×814×1418(mm) 1056kg

Model Portfolio Table

SeriesModelAir intake modeRated power kW/Ps 

Speed r/min

Fuel feeding modeEmission levelPower classification
WD10WD10C190-15Turbocharged and intercooled140/1901500Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C200-21Turbocharged147/2002100Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C218-15Turbocharged and intercooled160/2181500Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C240-15Turbocharged and intercooled176/2401500Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C240-18Turbocharged and intercooled176/2401800Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C278-15Turbocharged and intercooled205/2781500Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C278-18Turbocharged and intercooled205/2781800Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C278-21Turbocharged and intercooled205/2782100Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C300-21Turbocharged and intercooled220/3002100Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C312-18Turbocharged and intercooled230/3121800Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1
WD10C326-21Turbocharged and intercooled240/3262100Mechanical pumpIMOⅡP1

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact relevant personnel for official information on delivery time and fishing boat model portfolio. 

Diesel Engine for Marine Use Picture Display

 6160-06.JPGMarine diesel engine Detail Display 

 part-09.JPGpart-11.JPG  part-12.JPG


       (1)Engine Block                      (2) Cylinder Head                 (3) Crankshaft


part-04.JPGpart-05.JPG  .JPG

       (4) Flywheel                   (5)Front and Rear Cover          (6)Other Casting Parts






















































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