protein powder 100% whey high quality insect protein powder 100% whey for skin care and health (1600349198115)

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Product Description

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Product name                                     product specification
Dried mealwormsIt is rich in protein (57%), fat (25.5%), chitin, antimicrobial peptides, defensins, 17 kinds of amino acids, trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, and amino acids necessary for animal growth. All kinds of pets, fish, birds, forest frogs and other ideal high-protein feed and feed additives. Regular feeding can promote the growth of pets and various fish and special animals and increase their resistance to disease.

Defatted mealworms  protein powder.

Made from high protein Tenebrio as raw material, it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, proteins, chitin, antibacterial peptides and defensins (eliminates pathogenic bacteria in the body), vitamins, trace elements, biological active substances and other nutrients.
This product can be used as feed material for special animals, rare aquatic products and pet foods. Antimicrobial peptides and defensins are special substances that can kill bacteria and kill a variety of viruses, pathogens, and enhance the resistance of special animals, expensive aquatic products and pets. Ability to disease, promote their healthy growth.

mealworms oil

 Made from high protein Tenebrio as a raw material, rich in a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, has a strong anti-oxidation and bactericidal ability, and is favored by a large number of  consumers. This product can also be used as a pet feed oil, improve their resistance to disease, prevent the occurrence of pet diseases, make pets grow healthily.

Dried mealworms powder

By albumen yellow powder insect as raw material processing and become, contains rich protein (57%), fat (25.5%), chitin, antibacterial peptides, defense, 17 kinds of amino acids and phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium and other trace elements and animal growth essential amino acids, as all kinds of pets, such as fish, birds, wood ideal high-protein feed and feed additives. Regular feeding can promote the growth of pets and various fish and special animals and improve their disease resistance.

Company Information



Qingdao Sino Crown biological engineering co., ltd. is located in Qingdao west coast, a coastal city with beautiful environment, pleasant climate and developed trade, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB.

Qingdao Sino Crown biological engineering co., ltd. is a diversified enterprise with the development of biotechnology,breeding, processing and sales of mealworm as the core.Now mealworm deep-processing products are: defatted mealworm protein powder, mealworm oil, dried mealworm and pupa, dried mealworm powder, etc., the products have passed the ministry of agriculture food quality supervision, inspection and testing center determination.Among them,dried mealworm and powder has been exported to France, Britain and other countries, by domestic and foreign consumers love.

Now our company has been the largest domestic insect oil and defatted mealworm protein powder production and processing enterprise in line with the principle of good faith cooperation, win-win wealth and merchants common development, create brilliant.


Packaging & Shipping










1. May we get a sample of the product, and how much will you charge?

the sample could be provided free,and the freight cost should be on your side.


2,What's your payment terms about the samples?

West Union,Paypal and T/T are OK for us.


3. Can we brand the product with our label?

Sure,we could provide OEM service.


4,What are the packaging options?

if bulk packaging,usually 5kg/bag,2bags/Ctn;

if retail packaging, 100g/500g/1.2kg per bag, also 100g/200g/400g per barrel.

or customize according to your requests!


5. How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?

Well, that depends on your quantity and packaging, usually 10----20 days.




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