Абразивный Порошок ореховой оболочки 36 #24 # материал фильтра (1600351244895)

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Abrasive walnut shell powder 36# 24# Filter material walnut shell powderwalnut shell (11).jpg

  60-100mesh walnut shell.jpg walnut shells (2)


Walnut shell is a kind of degreasing, crushing, screening and other processing processed particle, surface pores, adsorption filter material with better effect, is also a natural rolling light material and polishing abrasive, abrasive use it do not destroy the workpiece surface, and the advantages of good polishing effect.



Walnut Shell Advantage: 

Environmentally friendly, natural, non-toxic; causes no health or environmental hazards.
Long-lasting, re-usable and biodegradable.
Reduces cycle time of finishing operations; preserves microfinishes.
Replaces sand and silica polishing media to avoid problem of silicosis.
Does not produce dust, safe for indoor use.
Angular and multi-faceted, not require flammable solvents.
Polished surfaces require no drying time.
Cleans precisely without a change in dimensions.
Cleaned parts require no additional machining.
The cycle time of finishing operations is drastically reduced.


Walnut Shell Specification

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Walnut Shell Application


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 walnut shell (13)walnut shell (14).jpg

1.Cosmetic grade for exfoliation in soaps,industrial hand cleaner, body and bath products.

2. Jewelry, glasses legs polishing . Irregular metal parts. 

3. Electronic components (secondary tube, triode, etc.) Surface sandblast polishing.

4. Oil stains, paint cleaning.

5. Automobile exhaust pipe cleaning.

6. Stripping paint & coatings from cars, botas,bulidings.  

7. Turbine cleaning materials .


Walnut Shell Packing & Delivery: 

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Walnut Shell Grit.jpg walnut shell.jpg walnut shell (15).jpg

Abrasive walnut shell powder 36# 24# Filter material walnut shell powder

Packing: 25kg/ bag or as per your demand

Delivery: Shipped in 15 days after payment




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