Спот низкая цена поликарбонат выдвижной Шкафы для бассейнов сарай бассейн защитный чехол

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Products Description

Item name
Swimming pool enclosure
Frame material
Frame colors
Champagne, White, Black, Grey, Coffee brown
Roof material
100% Bayer Makrolon 3113 polycarbonate sheet
Polycarbonate roof colors
Transparent, Light grey, Deep grey
Roof thickness
1.8mm(2.6mm is optional)

Company Profile

The importance of polycarbonate
You cannot see the quality from the its appearance,but it will be yellowing and aging over monthes or even less if you use poor
quality PC sheet.
About Bayer polycarbonate material
Only Bayer raw material with Italian production line can keep the PC sheet away from yellowing and aging in 10 years,Covestro is
the company stands in China for Bayer.
Be aware of the fake advertisement!!!
There are only 2 polycarbonate suppliers cooperated with Covestro in China,and only 2-3 canopy suppliers can get Covestro raw
material.We can provide purchasing roof for every stock PC sheet.
All customized,delivery time won't be effected by dimension
PC sheet thickness:
1.8mm standard for canopy & carport,2.6mm optional.4mm or 5mm for sun room.
Delivery time:
5-10 days for order(less than 100sqm), 15-20 days for order(100-250sqm), 20-30 days for order(beyonds 250sqm)

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