Rohs Reach extruded TPE Rubber Sealing Strip Manufacturer for Doors and Windows (1600373210212)

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 Silicone Rubber  Rubber Sealing Strip Extruded  Seal Strip

Trim Guard Weather Strip Glazing Rubber for Aluminum Window


 silicone rubber





Product Description

 door-seal-window-seal 2.jpg

Product specification:


Product nameRubber Product Coldroom Door  Seal PVC Rubber Manufacturer Door Sealing Strip Weather Stripping Glass Sealant UPVC Door Seal
Item NoCustomized
Brand Name3H

Share A Hardness 70±5,60±5

Tensile elongation (%)    ≥250%
Compression Set (100℃*22h)(%)       ≤35%
Heat Aging(100℃*168h) (Tensile-strength and Tensile Elongation Variation(%) ) <25%,<40%
Usage Temperature(℃)   -50℃~120℃
Storage Life(Year)  10-15
Ozone Proof : Excellant

Tape's length, width and thickness can be customized according to your requirement. 

Application1) Applicable for permanent fixing
2) For irregular surface
3) For mounting decorative
4) Objects in cars machines or house 
5) Anti-shock interlayer in machines
6) Mounting decorative objects in cars, nameplates, signs, small die cast parts, mirrors, maps, etc.

1) wrapped in roll, packed in carton 

2). Or as per customer’s requirements
Main MarketsEurope, South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on
Delivery timeUsually within 7 days
Other ServiceOEM, ODM servics are available
Free samples are available.

How to Choose the Correct Types of Rubber Strip

1.The Performance and Characteristics of Types of Rubber

door-seal-window-seal 1

1.1The Features of MVQ Rubber Strip

1).Strip materail selection is based on several US manufacturers of Dow Corning,Shin-Elsu,Lansing,such as

    silicone rubber compound Charming,can meet most customers' requirements.

2).Wide operating temperature silicone rubber,is the best cold,high temperature rubber.

3).Excellent aging resistance,non-toxic,environmentally friendly;can reach the level of food hygiene requirements,

    to meet the requirements of various colors.

4).The basic properties:hardness 50-85A,ordinary silicone operating temperature range:-80 to 230 degree.


1.2 The Features of EPDM Rubber Strip

1).The main material selection is based on Lanxess(Bayer),DSM,Korea Kumbo EPDM and other manufacturers 

     of raw rubber,Cabot carbon black,advanced microwave curing production line.

2).EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone,weathering resistance,heat aging resistance,excellent electrical

     insulation properties,good chemical stability.

3).The basic properties:hardness 70+-5A,temperature 120-150 degrees,low temperature -50 degrees not broken.


1.3 The Features of TPE/TPV/TPO Thermoplastic Elastomer

1).The raw material granule is mixed santoprene from USA,AUPTO from Nanjing(China) and Dawn from 

     Shandong(China),using drying and heating extrusion and some other manufacturing techniques.Hardness

     is about 55-85A,which is fully meeting customers' requirements.

3).The rubber is with good elasticity and tactility.Not-toxic,no pollution,low carbon makes it environmental friendly.

4).Physical performance:50-80A.


1.4 The Features of PVC

1).The raw material granule is mixed by PVC resin-oatmeal and P83 nitrile rubber and plastic,so improve its shock resistance

     and elongation at break,the cost performance is better.

2).Physical performance:55-85A,temperature range is from -30 to 90 degrees.


1.5 The Features of Sponge Composite Seal(EPDM Compound)

1).The main strip material selection is based on Lanxess,Mitsui,Kumbo and other manufacturers of raw rubber EPDM,

    microwave curing process forming a production line.

2).Has good flexibility and resistance to compression,weather resistance,ozone resistance,chemically stability,excellent

    electrical insulation properties and wide temperature range(-50 to 150 degrees),excellent performance.

3).Has a good waterproof ,dust,noise,compartment temperature,damping effect can be applied to a variety of  doors and 

     windows and other needs sealing,buffer areas.

4).The foam hardness range:20 to 80 degrees;low density:0.40-1.00g/cm3.

2.Product Application

 rubber strip

rubber strip


Product Categories

 click below to choose your desired product categories


Friction stay

Aluminum hinge

Aluminum door handle

Aluminum window handle

Sliding roller

Sliding lock

Door and window system

Door lock


Company Information




Buyer Feedback








Q1. What service we 3H offer?
A1: Full soluction for window and door accessories, Such and handles, hinges, rollers, locks, screws, espegnolette,
weatherstrips, friction stays, limiter stays, accessories for sliding folding system, tilt turn system, lift and sliding system. so as OEM Service, Small Order, Good Product, Prompt Delivery

Q2: What is the minimum quantity?
A2: The MOQ is 1000PCS or 100kgs, but sometimes according to special items.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?
A3: 15 to 30 days, depending on your real quantity.

Q4: Free sample is available?
A4: Yes, 3H can offer free samples, you just need to in charge of shipping cost. For example, if you have account of DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS, pls inform us to arrange the sample ASAP.

Q5: Can you make customized products?
A5: Yes, customized product is welcome, please provide drawing or sample.

Q6: Installed screw is included or not?
A6: Some items will include, but some not, but indicate if you must have.

Q7: How do I place an order?
A7: You can place an order by email, it would be big help to quote you suitable price if you have worked out your prefer Model number, qty, color, finish and any other requirements you need.

Q8: How do I request a price online?
A8: On the bottom of each product, there is a link to inquire online, please fill in the information and we will mail you a price later soon, or you can chat online with our salepersons by skype /wechat/whatapp, etc.


Q9:Can you stamp the customers' own logo and their own package?
A9:Yes,of course acceptable.Laser logo or punching logo depend on the material



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