YSAV-OH70C медицинский неинвазивный для палаты интенсивного лечения увлажненных большой поток воздуха носовая канюля с мягкими стерильными адгезивными устройство для кислородной терапии с высоким качеством

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Non-Invasive ICU Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Oxygen Therapy Device

Model: YSAV-OH70C




01 Specifications  




Main Features

Product Name: Heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device (HFNC) Ventilator
Model: YSAV-OH70C
Dimensions: 340×228×162mm
Weight: 3.3kg
Flow Settings Adult Mode: 10L/min-70L/min, Children Mode: 2L/min-25L/min
Oxygen Concentration: 21%-100% (adjustable by 1%)
Temperature: 31 ºC-37ºC (adjustable by 1ºC )
Treatment Interfaces: Children nasal cannula, Nasal cannula, Tracheostomy, Face mask
Step Length: 10L/min-70L/min (increments of 5L/min), 2L/min-25L/min (increments of 1L/min)
Trend Review: 1days, 3days, 7days
Real-Time Monitoring: Parameter Flow, Temperature, O2 concentration, Treatment time

Applicable departments: Respiratory, ICU, Emergency Department, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Geriatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics

Precise Oxygen Concentration Control

The YSAV-OH70C utilizes high-precision proportional valve controls oxygen concentration, no external manual adjustment is required
21% -100% oxygen concentration adjustment range, 1% oxygen concentration adjustment accuracy
When the flow rate changes, the proportional valve of the air-oxygen mixer is adjusted according to the software setting to ensure a constant oxygen concentration
Built-in accurate oxygen concentration monitoring module can realize the accurate display of oxygen concentration index without loading consumables such as the oxygen battery

Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Control System

The YSAV-OH70C can provide gas close to the core temperature of the human body (37 ℃) and 100% relative humidity (44mg / L), so that the mucus cilia cleaning function is in the best state
Temperature control: 21 ℃ -37 ℃, adjustable in seven gears
Adjust heating and humidification system to ensure accurate and constant temperature and humidity
70L / min high flow rate to meet more clinical needs
2-70L / min flow adjustment range to meet more clinical needs
Can effectively wash away the physiological anatomical dead space and prevent carbon dioxide re-inhalation
Built-in multi-point flow sensor to ensure an accurate and stable flow
Fully humidified gas and suitable temperature

A Comfortable Treatment Experience for Patients

Imported special silicone stuffy nose
No pressure, patients are well tolerated and highly compliant
Intelligent temperature and humidity control system
Minimizes the gas temperature and humidification effect on the patient end, improves patient comfort and prevents condensation
Provides four different patient interfaces
Suitable for a variety of environments and clinical needs

Innovative Safe-Airway Design – No Disinfection Required

The YSAV-OH70C uses a unique safety design- patient gas does not return to the host, so the machine does not need to be disinfected to prevent cross-infection
Original trend review function, full control of the patient’s situation
Review temperature data, humidity, flow rate and oxygen concentration for the previous 1-7 days
Disposable heating water box and heating pipeline
Disposable supplies, no need for disinfection, to prevent cross-infection
The water tank can add water automatically without manual operation
4.3-inch large color screen & multi-function knob design
Multiple treatment data can be set and monitored, the operation is more convenient, and the clinical efficiency is improved
Integrated trolley & boom
It is convenient for bed treatment and movement in the department and can be operated with one hand


YSAV-OH70C Non-Invasive Ventilator Specifications




Flow settings


Adult Mode: 10L/min-70L/min Children Mode: 2L/min-25L/min

Oxygen concentration


21%-100% (adjustable by 1%)



3lX:-37dC (adjustable by 1eC)

Treatment interfaces


Children nasal cannula, Nasal cannula, Tracheostomy, Face mask

Step Length


10L/min-70L/min (increments of 5L/min), 2L/min-25l_/min(increments

of 1L/rr

Trend review


1 days, 3 days, 7days

Real time monitoring parameter

Flow, Temperature, O2 concentration, Treatment time








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