Sewinfla 24 фута портативный надувной ТВ Открытый кинотеатр кино (1600412193252)

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Product Description

Product Name
Sewinfla Inflatable Projector Screen
Oxford cloth
High-quality Oxford cloth, long life, easy to use, foldable, portable to go out
It can be used for backyard , public , hotel , birthday party , school , amusement park , kindergarten, festival activity, advertisement ,promotion , rental , etc.
OEM / ODM customer design
Customers are welcome to design their favorite styles and sizes. We can carry out 3D design according to customers' pictures or ideas
Blower / repair kit / storage bag / instructions
Delivery time
7-15 days, large quantity, communication required
Each set is in a PVC bag and carton

Sewinfla is a professional Inflatable Projector Screen manufacturer. We can provide you with a high-quality and practical Inflatable Projector Screen, which is suitable for parties, film performances, science education, outdoor picnics, advertising, etc.

Details Images

High Quality UL Blower
Use durable and expensive UL safety blower. With less noise and more wind, you can enjoy the wonderful movie without any worries.
The metal D - ring
Completely replace plastic D rings with metal D rings to improve the firmness of inflatable movie screens. Improve product safety and tensile strength.

Solid design
After years of product experience and several modifications, this is the most stable structure, the most beautiful appearance, the best viewing Angle of the inflatable movie screen on the market.
High quality Waterproof PVC screen cloth
A detachable inflatable film screen cloth is very important. When the screen cloth gets dirty, you can remove it and take it to the washing machine, or change it, so that you will always get the best results while watching the film.

Usage method

Procedure for using portable inflatable tv screen
1.Untie the fixed rope. Bring down the screen and tear off the cloth. Had better two people operate at the same time, do not let it touch the ground and dirty items, and then fold it good bag to keep it clean and neat, so as not to affect the next use effect.
2. Turn off the fan and quickly untie the fan binding. Hold the upright air column and try to make it fall vertically. Open the
exhaust zipper to make the exhaust port as wide as possible. Facilitate quick exhaust.
3. After exhaust for a few minutes, the long horizontal several trachea stacked together, and then from no exhaust port one end began to roll the product, slowly squeeze to make the internal air discharge from the exhaust port, after the volume to the exhaust port position, the air inside is not much.
4.Then open and straighten the product, several long horizontal air pipes are stacked together, or start to roll the product from one end of the exhaust port. While rolling, squeeze out the part to the middle to make the rolled up product neat, and then tie it up with a rope and put it into the bag.


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Company introduction

About Us
EJAEE is a comprehensive business service organization from design and production to international supply chain composed of several companies operating for more than 20 years. We have rich experience in inflatable amusement products and the market.Our professional team will respond to every customer with good service, preferential prices and fast, and promise that customers will enjoy good service at a lower price.

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Customer feedback


Does this have to be plugged in to remain inflated?
We have both air-inflated and inflatable movie screens, please contact our customer service for the style you want.
Is the fan loud making it hard to enjoy the movies?
No, our fan is very quiet. You can enjoy the movie in peace.
Is the image equally sharp and clear for rear projection?
Watched Hamilton last night Dive In Movie and was PERFECT!! Great picture.
What is the power rating of the blower - in watts?
Different sizes of inflatable screens use different power blower, please contact customer service to confirm.
What's the difference between sewing inflatable screen and bee screen?
Inflatable sewing tents require constant blowing. Sealed screen dish Oh, that hot welding technology processing, only one
blow.Generally, the cost of sewing the screen is lower than that of sealing the screen.
Do you provide blower / pump, repair kit and other accessories?
Yes, each item is equipped with sufficient CE / UL blowers / pumps (depending on the power system in your country) and repair kits.


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