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Mini Woodworking Machine Power Hand Electric Planer With Adjustable Cut Depth


A power planer's primary function is to smooth the surface of wood, but it can also be used to smooth wood's rough end grain. It's also used for tapering wood. If a door is too wide, for instance, make passes with a power planer over the side of the door, adjusting the depth gauge to give a cut of the desired depth.


Product Feature:
1.600W high power motor for heavy duty use
2.Aluminum body design, longer use life
3.Soft grip for comforatable operation
4.Easy to carry

Item No.

Planing Depth82*1mm
Rated Voltage220-240V
Rated Frequency50-60HZ
Rated Input Power600W
No-Load Speed16000r/min


electric planer.jpg

600W wood planer.jpgpower electric planer.jpg


planer depth knob.jpg

hand planer parameters.jpg






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