GAX CY12 Профессиональный 12 канальный микшерная консоль с Blueteeth dj микшер аудио 99 dsp эффекты фантомного питания 48V USB

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GAX-CY12 Professional 12-channel Sound Mixing Console With Blueteeth Sound Mixer Audio 99 DSP Effects Phantom Power 48V USB Jack

Product Description

Introducing brief functions:
6,8,10,12 channel frame.
LR main mix
2 Aux sends
Responsive 3 band EQ
Individual phantom power
Channel and master meters
60mm dust protected faders
2-Track monitoring and replay to LR
Headphones and local monltor outputs
Dedicated stereo, peak-retaining monitor meters
Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability
Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line
Ultra low noise mix head amp design
BLUETEETH & Mp3 player/recorder with concise human-machlne interactive interface Digital effect processor
Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches
External power adapter power supply


Maximum input level
MIC +24dBu, Line +24dBu, Other Line +20dbu
Maximum output level
XLR +26dBu, TRS +20dBu
Master meters
10 segment -24dB to CLIP
Channel meters
1 LED signal indication
Frequency response
20Hz to 30KHz 0.5dB
<0.01 % (Channel to mix out)
Crosstalk at 1kHz
Fader shutoff > 85dB,Mute shutoff > 85dB,Inter channel > 82dB
Noise, rms 22Hz to 22KHz: EIN-122dBu; Residual output noise
LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 12KHz; HM, peak/dip, +/-15dB, 2.5KHz; LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 80Hz
Mono channel
XLR balanced, pin2 hot, 2K ohm, Sensitivity -40 to +14 dBu; TRS balanced, tip hot, 10K ohm, Sensitivity -20 to+14 dBu; XLR,
phantom +48V
2-track return
RCA, unbalanced, <4K ohm, -2 dBu
2-track send
RCA, unbalanced, <75 ohm, -2 dBu
L/R output
XLR balanced, pin2hot, <75 ohm, +4 dBu, Max +22 dBu
FX/AUX output
TRS unbalanced, tlp hot, <75 ohm, -2 dBu, Max. +18 dBu
TRS, tipL, ring R, 30 to 600 ohm headphones recommended
Max. Power input power
40 watts

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