Наращивание волос щипцы для наращивания 3 отверстия мини-клещи микро-нано кольцо наращивание удаление инструмент нано и

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Hair Extension Pliers 3 Holes Mini Pliers For Micro Nano Ring Hair Extensions Removal Tool Nano and Micro Pliers
Curved, Straight with 3 holes, Curved with 3 holes
Designed specifically to make the removal and fitting of all individual hair extensions so much easier.
Use to open all sizes of Linkies and Microrings.
Speeds up installation removal time.
Can also be used to re-tighten or adjust Linkies.
There is a layer of anti-rust oil on the surface to avoid rust, it will be a little smell, please kindly know it.

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Company Profile
With more than ten years of international business experience, ARLANY has been a leading supplier for beauty accessories.
We provide an extensive assortment of inspired beauty accessories, including hairdressing accessories, hair extension tools, weft tools, tape tools, hair brushes, makeup tools, nail art accessories, cosmetic bags, beauty and weeding tweezers, makeup mirrors, and so on. We design high quality beauty tools for all beauty lovers. OEM and ODM services are warmly welcomed.
Our mission is to provide every woman the right and stylish tools for being fabulous. We are always trying to keeping up with the latest trends, offering the best customer services as fast and efficient processing on orders and customer inquiries.
At ARLANY, we LOVE innovating and creating all hairdressing tools and makeup tools you LOVE.


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