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Special use for raising, rapid heating in 3 seconds

Product Features

01 Rapid heating in 3 seconds,Uniform temperature, low noise
> Enlarged air duct — Rapid heating in a large area, and the heating area of 300㎡.

> Galvanized iron fan blades — Larger air volume, rapid temperature rises, and more uniform temperature in chicken houses. One-time forming high temperature resistant fan blade, multi-process treatment, good mute effect.
> Pure copper high power motor — Durable, fast speed, low power consumption, low noise, waterproof and shockproof, safe and reliable surface insulation.

> Adjustable 30° air outlet angle — All round heating

02 No black smoke, no peculiar smell
> Customized nozzles — Good atomization effect, 99% fuel utilization rate, perfect combustion with no black smoke and no peculiar smell.

03 Easier operation

> One-touch open — Turn on the fuel box, adjust the temperature, and start heating with one button. The temperature adjustment
button and the display can accurately display the predetermined temperature. The amount of remaining oil can be checked at any time through the oil gauge.

> Guardrails and rollers — Easy to push, prevent scald, and protect the safety of surrounding things.

04 Save half of fuel
> Intelligent constant temperature — According to the actual temperature of the chicken house, the hot air blower will automatically stop or start.
The intelligent constant temperature saves half of the fuel in an insulated environment.

> Automotive — grade circuit boards and electronic temperature controllers — more precise temperature control.

05 5 years service life
>Anti-corrosion design (air pump, circuit board, electronic temperature controller) — Multiple measures and special technologies ensure that the equipment works normally in a humid and dusty environment.

> Monoblock metal fuel box—The inside of the fuel box is coated with anti-corrosion coating, which makes the inside will not be rusted, even the machine be used at intervals of one year, and extend a long service time.

> Multi-layer heat exchange liner—Stainless steel thickened inner wall, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, the
combustion chamber won't be burned through ten years. The body is insulated to ensure absolute insulation and the outer wall is not hot.

> Reserve wearing parts — One filter sponge and one filter for free.

06 Safer fuel air heater,Four safety protection measures
No gas, no explosion

Protection one
Flameout protection
After power off, the fan will automatically run for 2 minutes to dissipate heat and cool down.
Protection two
Dumping power off protection
In case of accidental dumping during operation, it will automatically power off immediately to prevent accidents
Protection three
Overheating automatic power off protection
Built-in overheating protection device, it will automatically power off when the temperature is too high, to avoid high
temperature burning.
Protection four
Timed shutdown
Make an appointment to shutdown within 0 to 24h to avoid forgetting power off.

Product Details

Product Configuration

Working Theory

This heater is a heating device that uses kerosene or diesel as fuel and blows out hot air. When working, the fuel in the oil box
is sucked into the fuel injection nozzle, atomized in the combustion chamber, ignited and burned. Heat from combustion heats the
air and the combustion chamber walls. Part of the air sent by the fan enters the combustion chamber to provide oxygen for combustion, and most of it contacts the outer wall of the combustion chamber to obtain conduction heat and generate hot air. A large amount of hot air is discharged from the air outlet.

Product Parameters

Product basic parameters
Product name
DH50 fuel air heater
Fuel type
Average fuel consumption
Full oil use time
Fuel box volume
Net weight
37 Kg
Maximum applicable area
Machine dimension
1000*530*660 mm
Packing dimension
1030*450*540 mm

Product working parameters
Output heat
38760 Kcal/h
Air volume
1050 m3/h
220V 50HZ 1PH
1.2 A
Motor power
250 W
Outlet diameter
270 mm
Air pump pressure
Temperature control
Heating power


Operation precautions
1. Regular and clean diesel or kerosene shall be used for fuel heater (Gasoline is prohibited, which is easy to cause accidents).
2. Timely replace the diesel with the corresponding label according to the local temperature, otherwise it will cause the machine ignition failure.
3. The fuel heater shall follow the correct startup and shutdown procedures, especially when shutting down, do not directly unplug the power supply, please do it after the fan stops rotating.
4. Please connect to a stabilized power supply if in areas where the voltage is unstable.
5. When using, ensure that there is sufficient oxygen in room and there is no object within 2 meters of the equipment. 6. The outlet temperature of the fuel heater is very high. It is strictly forbidden to blow directly against flammable and explosive materials.
7. The fuel heater must follow the installation requirements of the flue.

Maintenance tips
Every 10 days is a maintenance cycle period
Inspection items

√ Clean or replace the inlet/outlet air filter sponge in the air pump.
√ Clean or replace the fuel suction filter.
√ Clean the ignition needle. (Brush off the ash carbon accumulated on the needle due to ignition.)
√ Clean the fuel box. (Open the drain nut at the bottom of the fuel box to discharge the internal residues, and clean the interior of the fuel box with clean diesel or kerosene.)


Q:Does diesel smell strong? 
A:After the machine's air intake and fuel injection volume are strictly calculated, there is no peculiar smell after complete combustion, which is different from automobile exhaust. (Incomplete combustion exhaust in engine is poisonous.)

Q: Is it safe? Will it explode? 
A:The machine uses diesel and kerosene as fuel, not flammable and explosive gasoline. It is very difficult to ignite diesel without a catalyst or under high temperature and pressure, let alone explosion.

Q:Can I use gasoline or other mixed oils blends? 
A:No, only diesel or kerosene can be used. Gasoline is flammable and explosive which may cause accidents, so it is absolutely forbidden to use. You can only use clean diesel purchased from a regular gas station. The diesel model depends on local minimum temperature. For example, if the environment temperature is -5℃,then only -10# diesel oil can be used. Using the 0# oil will cause the machine to misfire.

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