Электрическая коробка для сигар картонная оптовая продажа

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Packing List

1*Cigar Humidor
1*User Manual


* Cigar Humidors Capacity - Hold up 10-25 cigars,depend on cigars ring size,Transparent top windows for easy reviewing and mini movable partition board can help you fix the cigars.
* Keep Cigars Fresh - Its sealed construction and humidifier keeps moisture out, while the hygrometer lets you check humidity levels at any time.(Make your relative humidity within the range of 65% to 75%)
* Long Lasting & Durable - Cedar wood material,surface painting and polishing make it very smoothly to touch and dirt
resistant,sturdy and durable. PS: The box smelling is the natural natual cedar wood smell,Cedar wood has excellent aroma and moisture retention.
* Flexible Hinges - Cigar box with metal hinge,easy to open 90 degree angle and close easliy,ensure the cigars.(Cigars do not included in packaging)
* Non Slip Design - Scratch resistant velvet-lined bottom to protect the wooden humidor box form friction damage.

Products Description

Capacity & Color
Capacity: Holds up 10-25 Cigars
Color: Sapale cherry brown
Size: 10.1*8.5*2.5in

Product Feature:
Equipped with a hygrometer and transparent windows, easy to observe your cigars without opening the box.
Humidifier keep cigars at the ideal humidity of 65 to 75 percent, keep your cigars from drying out.
Made of cedar wood material, it will emit a natural smell reduces impurities and makes the taste more delicate and mellow.
Note: There may have minor color difference between batches of cigar box.
There are 3 ways to verify the hygrometer is in good condition

Details Images

1. The wooden cigar humidor adopts the internationally-used edging seal design, which provide your cigars an optimal sealing environment.
2. The outside installed hygrometer and make it more convenient to observe cigars.
3. The strong hinge has high wear resistance, which is also exquisite enough for display.
5. The bottom of cigar humidor is made of anti-friction velvet which can protect from damage or accidental drops.

Metal Hinge
Easy to open 90 degree angle and close.Good airtightness.
Velvet Base
Non-slip base prevent scraping on the bottom.
Transparent Windows
Observe your cigars condiction without opening the box.

1.Blow air to the sensor hole
Blow air to the sensor hole of the hygrometer then observe whether the pointer changes.
2.Cover sensor hole with a wet towel
Cover the sensor hole with a wet towel for two minutes then observe whether the pointer changes.
3.Put wet hand over the sensing hole
After washing hands, do not wipe dry and put over the sensing hole for two minutes then observe whether the pointer changes.

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