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5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale

PVC Formwork

Product Introduction: 


PVC plastic formwork is a new kind of construction material which can replace plywood,steel formwork and other building material. It’s widely used in concrete construction made by recycled PVC powder or particles. Added with special additives and extruded at high temperature and then extrude the high density and high hardness template. 


HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale




1. Replace of the plywood and metal formwork. Friendly to environment and energy saving.

2. Can be recycled for more than 30 times. Very economic and cost saving. 

3. Easy to Install and move and deliver and save labor.

4. Subject to any temperature and humid regions.

5. Easy to take off from the concrete. Easy to relase mold.

6. Fire resistant, safe use. concrete formwork.

7. Light blue color and it is lovely in the working site.

8. Light texture, transportation and operation is easy.

9. Can be like wood as drilling, saw, nail, planer, etc.

10.Can be applicable to hot forming, heating and folding process.




HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale




1.Use the hollow building formwork intersecting surface laid with 15mm thick.

2.Wood square of the distance:

(1) on the surface of the intersection (spacing: wood square distance according to the thickness of the slab concrete, in general, the thickness of less than 0.15 m floor (spacing is 200 ~ 250 mm.)

(2) the shear wall (spacing according to adjust the spacing, height and thickness of the wall to wall height of 2800 mm, 300 mm thick wall, for example, using the formwork (15 mm thickness spacing is 100 ~ 150 mm, if the shear wall, pillar width more than 1 meter, must add the fixed frame. 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template.

3.Die shear wall and column puzzle when leaving no gaps, internal Angle (the bottom of the wall) parts must have wood square, beam, wall, formwork connection.Shear wall made

4. After the mold must be assembled into the whole hoisting, then lay flat, reduce labor intensity, forming effect is good. 8mm 10mm 11mm 15mm 18mm thickness available.

5. When the nail to the formwork from the formwork edge distance 15 ~ 30 mm, strength wants moderate, nail nails is 40 ~ 50 mm in length, shoulds not be too long or too short.

6.Beam bottom of a piece of wood square must set aside 15 mm seam allowance, wallboard made on wood square seam allowance, it does not leak slurry and wallboard material saving.


HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale





1220*2440*12mm25-26 KGS700 PCS1120 PCS
1220*2440*15mm31-32 KGS560 PCS888 PCS
1220*2440*18mm37-38 KGS466 PCS746 PCS


Test Report of PVC Plastic Formwork: 


No.ParametersStandardsTesting Results
1Static Bending Intensity≥18MPa20MPa
2Elasticity Modulus≥1200MPa1444MPa
3Alkali ResistanceNo bubble, No CrackingNo bubble, No Cracking
4Charpy Impact Strength≥12.0KJ/m227.9KJ/M2
5Maximum Load Retention≥80%97%
6Water Absorption Rate2.5%2.1%
7Variation Rate of Heating Sizes

Horizontal: -0.1%

Vertical: -1.05



8FR PerformanceB1B1


Why Choose Us: 


Firstly, for starters, Zero CaCO3 unique formulations ensure our formwork premium quality.  CaCO3 formwork are easier to deform under the burning sun for a longer time. Below are comparisons between zero-caco3 formwork and Caco3 formwork.


Left is our 0-caco3 formwork and right is caco3 formwork:


HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale


Secondly, our dimensions are accurate to within ±0.1mm,and density is accurate to within ±0.02. The horizontal variation rate by heating is -0.15%, and vertical variation rate is -1.35% and our Diagonal tolerance is below 3mm.  


Thirdly, the surface hardness of our formwork is 80-90Shore D,and others is 60-65Shore D,below are picture comparison.


Left is our formwork and right is others’ formwork.


HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale


Fourthly, our quality formwork can be used 50+ times, and our formwork are also recyclable,and its cost is more cost effective than other formwork.  


Fifthly, the nail holding capacity and demoulding effect of our formwork are much better,no release agent is required for demoulding,below are pictures for your info:



Sixthly, blue color is our own patented color, only our own unique raw materials and formulations can make blue color formwork,the surface is mirror finish, and the foam is solid without holes to guarantee its higher supporting capacity and avoid concrete,earth and other items entering. Below are our pictures for your info:


2440*1220mm blue color pvc concrete shuttering formwok panel for building construction


Seventhly, our current daily production capacity is 1no of 40HQ, and monthly production capacity is 30nos of 40HQs, being able to meet different clients’ urgent and larger orders’ requirements.Below is our continuous production picture for your info:


HIgh quality 5mm 8mm 12mm 20mm 25mm PVC board construction template for sale


Eighthly, our samples are available upon request,and you are welcome to visit our factory if available,and we also have available construction sites to show you how our formwork are used in the work sites. Below are our formwork used in different construction sites:


2440*1220mm blue color pvc concrete shuttering formwok panel for building construction


Strong Points of Us:


First of all, we have 10+ years production experience and 8+ years exporting experience.  


Secondly, we have our own unique formulations to make premium quality blue color patented plastic formwork.  


In the third place, we are famous for highest efficiency,and any inquiry will be replied within 10miutes during workdays and within 1hour during non-work days.


On the fourth hand, we have a stronger extensive team composed of higher management team, sophisticated engineer team, professional sale team, experienced production team, logistics team and after-sale service team. 


Last but one, all our samples are free for all clients to test the quality.  


Last but not least, our formwork used construction sites are available for your inspection and we are able to guide you how to use formwork,and we can help you solve any problem related to formwork applications.



About Us- Green Plastic:


Shandong Green Plastic is a manufacturer and trading company focus on plastic products exporting. High quality goods and professtional exporting experience are our advantages. This earns us high reputation from overseas and China domestic customers. Now except China domestic market, we also export USA, AU, Canada, UK, Vietnam, Mexico ect. more than 45 countries. Now our goods is widely use the most corners around the world. We located a nice palce where its convenient comunications and facilities. Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Provice. A vibrant city and company welcome your visiting and inquiries.



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