Клапан для внутренней трубы велосипеда металлический клапан VAM длина 31

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Schrader Bike tire valve / Bicycle American Tube Valve VAM

Zinc stem of bicycle tube valve VAM:


cap  can be colorful:





BRASS STEM OF VAM VALVE FOR YOUR REFERENCE :   PRICE IS DIFFERENT ON MATERIAL                                                                   



Company Information







Q:What’ s the difference between Chrome plating,Nickel plating and Zinc plating?


 A:1.Generally speaking,Nickel Plating and Zinc Plating is barrel plated,Chrome plating is rack plated.


     2.Appearance.Zinc plating is white ,not so glossy;Nickel plating is silver ,glossy ,a little yellow;Chrome plating is white,glossy,a little bule.


     3.Rust Resistance.Zinc plating is OK,Nickel plating is better,Chrome plating is best.




Q:What’s the difference between Brass(Copper) and Zinc alloy?      


A:Zinc alloy, low melting point, good liquidity, easy fusion welding, corrosion resistance in atmosphere, deformed material easy to recycle and remelting;But low creep strength, prone to natural aging changes size.


    Pure copper density 8.96, melting point is 1083 degree centigrade , with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance.




Q:How to store tire valves?


A:Products should be stored in a dry and ventilated, anti high temperature, sun proof, corrosion resistance, no oil warehouse,storage no more than six months since the date of delivery.






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