Новый высокоскоростной мини-фен Youpin из АБС беспроводной бесшумный ручной фен для

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           Shenzhen Shinn Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It has been committed to the research of intelligent and wireless small home appliances, improving the experience of using small home appliances, and enhancing the convenience of people's lives.
           The hair dryer is one of the most frequently used small appliances, but the rope harness carried by the traditional hair dryer firmly binds the user in a space of about 1 meter in radius, which causes inconvenience for the user, the R&D team invested in research and development. After 2 years of continuous research and development, the first cordless hair dryer was launched.
           The Shinn cordless hair dryer marks a breakthrough in styling and functional technology. It is a new generation of innovative products. It has the characteristics of cordless charging, mobile, fast drying, and constant temperature without hurting hair. It can get rid of the shackles of traditional hair dryers and can be blown anytime, anywhere. , Hot spring wind at a constant temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, blowing your head without hurting your hair, while enjoying the head spa.
            In the future, we will inject more elements into cordless hair dryers to further enhance the user experience, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate experience while liberating freedom and not accepting the constraints of time and space!

F:How could I get a sample?
A:The sample is ready, sample can be shipped within 7 working days.

F:Sample time and shipment?
A:The sample will be tested and shipped within 5-7 working days, DHL/FedEx express as priority.

F:ODM Brand with my LOGO?
A:Yes, your LOGO printing in the cordless hair dryer and the packing box are supported.

F:Product color and customization?
A:The color can be customized, the further module or product development is also supportive.

F: Warranty and product qualification rate?
A: 12 months warranty, 99.97% passing rate for guaranteed quality.

F: Is it true cordless hair dryer?
A: Yes, it is with 110,000 rpm powerful BLDC motor for the strong healthy wind, details for inquriy to us.

F: What is the advantages of the cordless hair dryer?
A: Tangle-free but powerful performance, healthy and modern lifestyle, fashion but user-friendly design.

F: How does it work with each charging round, charging time?
A: 8min to 2 hours, depends on the different performance style, charging to 85% within 45min.

F: The wind speed is fixed?
A: No, with 2 gears, 1 is for hot/cold wind option in left, 1 is for strong/mid/small wind in right.

F:The cordless hair dryer is certificated in the european and overseas markets?
A:Yes, with the patents and product certificates like CE, UL, FCC, RoHs.

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