Большая машина для приготовления угля барбекю 50 тонн в час производства (1600478491446)

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Coal rod machine is a briquette machine which compreses coal powder into a predetermined shape and has a certain strength by using the principle of screw extrusion.

The pulverized coal is subjected to tremendous pressure after being injected into the cavity. Shape it into a certain shape with the help of moulds of various shapes. We can customize the mold according to the demand. This not only greatly increases productivity, but also gives you more choices.

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1. The briquette machine can be used to press different shapes of briquettes by changing the matching moulds. Customers can buy the whole machine with other kinds of molds, then the machine can be multi-purpose in order to save money.

2. Besides common products, we can also design and manufacture special moulds according to customers' requirements.

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