Складной электрический велосипед 24 в 36 48 литиевый аккумулятор 8 Ач 10 12 15

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Product Description

Battery instructions
1. Charging: Connect the battery pack to the charge controller and connect the charger to charge.
2. Discharge: Connect the battery pack to the load and then discharge the load.
3. When the batteries are combined in series or in parallel, if there is an oxide layer on the surface, A thin wire brush should be used to brush the surface onto the metal glow to reduce the connection resistance to a minimum resistance.
4. When used in combination with many batteries, if the voltage between the two electrodes
exceeds 48V, this is For safe human voltage, to ensure safety, do not touch the two electrodes to the body.

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Products Description

Battery Type
Lithium / Li-ion / LiFePO4 or other
Cell capacity
Multiple models
3.7V Cell (Lithium-ion)
18650 / 14430 / 18500 / 18490 / 21700 / 16340 AND SO ON
3.2V Cell (LiFePO4)
18650 / 26650 / 26700 / 32650 / 32700 or other
Norminal voltage
Customized according to needs
BMS function
overdischarge, overcharge, short circuit protection & equalization function
Working temperature

     Lithium / Li-ion / LiFePO4 
              Battery Pack

1. "Customized" battery voltage, capacity , size and case.

2. "Customized" BMS charging and discharging current, balance function with communication protocol, etc.

3. "Customized" connect plug and socket, cable, waterproof.

4. "Customized" special battery packs for any applications.

Support Customized

Customized voltage : 3.7V / 7.4V / 11.1V / 14.8V / 18.5V / 24V / 48V / 60V / 72V ....
assemble cells with wiring, fuse and plastic cover, all the cell wires connected to PCB plug or built BMS.so we can provide you with customized services; The battery capacity and dimension can customize according to your request.
Our sales team are always ready to assist you and answer all your questions about our lithium battery products and solutions. If you don't find what you want.please contact us and we can customized details upon your requirement.

Our Services.
If you see our products and have questions about the products, please contact our account manager to send your specific needs, such as voltage, capacity, shape, size, working current, etc. We can customize and meet your needs according to your needs. The best lithium battery matched by the equipment, we are very happy to provide you with test samples, and will reply you as soon as possible, thank you!

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