12mic PET металлизированная упаковочная пленка BOPP ламинированная пленкой PE для упаковки и изоляционных

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Metallized Packing Film PET BOPP Laminated with PE Film for Packaging and Insulation Materials

VMPET+PE lamination film

1.Reflective to sunshine and solar heat2.Water proof & damp-proof
3.To laminated with Woven,bubble and EPE,XPEfoam as thermal lnsulating materials,
4.Prevent dust and moisture from penetrating inside
5.Durable, environmentally friendly.
6.Building insulation materials

Metallized PET coated PE film is a barrier film formed by depositing a thin layer of aluminum atoms onto high-quality PET film by vacuum aluminum plating process. It has bright metal gloss, excellent gas and light barrier and good moisture-proof,heat-resistant and puncture resistance. It can replace aluminum foil and other advantages.

VMPET+PE Thickness

6+3,8+5,12+6,12+7,12+8,12+10,12+12,12+15,12+17,,,as customed ,used for packaging and buiding insulation materials.

Our main products include

1. Clear film,like CPP,CPE,OPP,BOPP,PE,PEM film
2. Metallized film, like VMPET,VMCPP film
3. Lamination film, like metallized PET film c
oating PE .

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