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Product Description

The stainless steel tubular heater is made of a metal tube as the shell, and spiral electric heating alloy wires are uniformly distributed along the axial direction of the tube. The gaps are filled and compacted with magnesium oxide powder with good insulation and thermal conductivity, and both ends are sealed with silica gel or ceramics. It can heat air, metal molds and various liquids. It is widely used in all kinds of saltpeter tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, acid-base tanks, fusible metal melting furnaces, air heating furnaces, drying furnaces, drying ovens, hot press molds and other devices.


Product Name
Straight Tubular Heater
Rated Voltage
Leakage Current
Power Tolerance
Insulation Resistance
30 Ω
Electric Strength
Cold state withstand voltage AC working at 1500V 50Hz for 1 minute without breakdown
Thermal insulation
AC work 1000V 50Hz for 1 minute without breakdown
Sheath/Tube Material
SUS304/ SUS321/ SUS316/ SUS316L/ SUS310S/ Incoloy800/ Incoloy840/ Copper/ Titanium
Terminal Styles
Plain Pins/ Flag Terminals/ Spade Terminal/ Screw Terminal/ Special Terminal
U/ Hairpin/ W/ Z/ Straight/ Spiral/ Circular(with extension)/ Double Loop/ Bent Hairpin,etc
End Cap
Ceramic end (standard)/ Cement/ Epoxy/ RTV seal
Construction Type
Swaged / High Watt Density – up to 1400°F (760°C)
Not Swaged / Low Watt Density – up to 1200°F (650°C)

Details Images

Use high-quality Copper/SS304 /SS321, /SS316L/Incoloy800,etc

Good corrosion resistance

High mechanical strength

Long service life

Under the same power condition

Fast heating

High thermal efficiency

Heat evenly

Stable performance

Different specifications

Different application

Different shapes can be customized

When you order, please provied the specifications as following:
1. Power/Voltage/Length
2. Working temperature
3. Material requirement
4. Thread size,if have
5. Quantity
6. Drawings,if have


▪ Finned Tubular elements
▪ Animal Incubators for Prenatal Care
▪ Ducts
▪ Epoxy Curing
▪ Food Equipment
▪ Furnaces
▪ Laminating Machine
▪ Hopper and Silo Heaters - Plastic
▪ Dryers
▪ Kettles and Tanks
▪ Ovens - Process, Curing, Food
▪ Paint and Enamel Baking Equipment
▪ Plastic Sheet Bending Equipment
▪ Spas and Hot Tubs
▪ Steam Tables
▪ Sterilizers and Autoclaves
▪ Stretch Wrapping Equipment
▪ Ovens
▪ Textile and Chemical Dryers
▪ Welding Preheat Equipment
▪ Air Heating-Free Air Heating
▪ Contact Heating
▪ Radiant Heating
▪ Liquid Heating (Direct Immersion)
▪ Oil Heating
▪ Air & Gas Heating

Our Advantages

1. Low MOQ: 1-10 pcs MOQ based on heater type and sizes
2. OEM Accepted: Strong capacity in develop and production under customer drawings
3. Good Service: Instant response, great patience and full consideration
4. Good Quality: ISO,CE; Rohs approved; With 6S quality control system
. Fast & Cheap Delivery: We enjoy great discount from shipping forwarders

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Company Profile

YANCHENG HONLEADER ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. has been focusing on the solutions to heater application and development for many years. We not only provide you with high-quality products and services,Well-trained engineers will also provide you with technical supports.It takes 3-4 days for general samples, and 1 week for customzied sample or requests, with ISO, CE, ROHS certification. Our products are exported to the Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
We are famous for innovative products.With years of production experience as well as the strong support of our partners, Honleader continues to introduce new and customer-satisfied heaters,and have at the same time been working with many branded companies, online store companies, medical institutions, university laboratories and other institutions,whic from the USA and Europe customers to customize their products.We have our own factories and freight forwarders, we can provide more competitive prices and more professional services at low cost.
With rich expertise, our professional team members can respond to customer inquiries more effectively than most competitors, enabling our customers to enjoy from us the following benefits: A)professional service; B)high quality products; C)short sample and production lead time; D) placing OEM or ODM orders We believe in partnership, and are fully committed to control the supply chain in order to provide our customers high quality products, at competitive price, and in a timely manner.
We look forward to building up long-term business relationship with you to our mutual benefit!


Q: Do you manufacture custom parts?
A: Yes. We have thousands of designs in our files of custom heaters and sensors designed for every imaginable application. Our Sales and Engineering teams are here to help you design a product that fits your needs.

Q: Are your products original?
A: Yes! All products are original and produced by the original manufacturer. Our parts can accept any type of testing, and we will be responsible if there is a quality problem.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Normally samples need 3 working days.
Mass production need 7-10 working days.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for your products?
A: MOQ 1~10Pc available.
Products produced with common materials can be ordered at 1pc. If infrequently used materials required, it depends on the situation of the materials. Please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can you provide samples for testing?
A: Yes! You only need to pay the freight and you can send free samples for testing.

Q: How do we pay for the order?
A: You can pay online via TT, Paypal, Western Union and Alibaba. Or you can consult us.

Q: If we have heating projects, how to progress project design or select a product?
A: We have professional sales to provide pre-sale consulting services and engineering team for technical support. Anyquestions about products or technical questions please communicate with our sales team and provide specific applications and requirements.

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