Система автобусной остановки с 4g/wifi от shenzhen

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Product Description

1.Using GPS technology, without manual operation, sharing the driver labor intensity, safe operation.

2.Can store multiple lines of voice, at the upper / down direction, can store more than one station in each direction to facilitate the exercise of a number of lines in the bus.

3. 2.4 Inch TFT High Definition Color screen.

4.Professional Application Software, allow customers to edit audio on PC easily.

5. Set one demo on device, simply copy files to other devices.

6. Copy files through USB/SD CARD

7. Site can add up to five groups of voice, each voice can be independently locked or released, so that the freedom to add a variety of user-friendly voice.

8. NEW 5HZ GPS TECHNOLOGY, more sensitive, more steady.

9.Support play audio at AM, PM, for example: auto announces some advertisement at 12AM...

10. Support KML file export., user can check and test the coordinates via Google Earth and Google Map

11. The Hua Xun Technology vector mathematics than the original algorithm, the accuracy of the world's leading newspaper stand.

12. Support GPS information display feature that allows users to understand the current signal status

13. Out of the Station for all sites can be set freely, adjust user-friendly site for different work situations.

14. Automatic identification and down, up and down the line without having to manually switch. Automatic station near the site recently, the station automatically terminate playback.

15. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding deal more, especially adapted buses loaded petrol.

16. 8-32V wide power input.

17. Support up to 15W D-class speaker inside and outside of the bus, best audio qualityphotobank(1).jpgphotobank(2).jpgphotobank.jpg1.jpg2.jpg

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