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Product Description

Custom matrix keyboard 4X4/ 3x3 matrix membrane switch

Membrane switch is an electrical switch for turning a circuit on and off. It differs from a mechanical switch, which is usually made of copper and plastic parts: a membrane switch is a circuit printed on PET or ITO. The ink used for screen printing is usually copper / silver / graphite filled and therefore conductive.

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Technical Parameters

LED, metal dome, connector and circuit, all these can be designed and made according to customer requirements.
According to customers demand,OEM service
Material of Membrane
Embossed type
Pillow emboss, Dome emboss, Frame emboss\t\t


Keys Options
For a tactile response and indicate the location of switches
1.Tactile Keys: metal domes or poly domes
2. Non-tactile keys: flat button, printed silver spot on the circuit
The extension of circuit and communication with your device\t\t


Circuitry option
1. Silver printed conductive inks
2.Copper etched circuit /Polyimide Kapton circuit ( FPC)\t\t
3.PCB circcuit board


Connector Tail
1.Zero insertion force(ZIF) with 0.5MM ,1.0MM,1.25MM pitch
2. Female connector with 2.54MM pitch
3.Male connector
4.Solder Pins
Clear or Transparent
Glossy or matte

Snowy Yang
MeiBoRui(MBR) membrane keypad and switch manufacturer
Tel: +86 18103266698
Skype:+86 18103266698
Mail: snowy(at)mbrxh.com
Website: http://en.mbrxh.com

Our Company

MeiBoRui(MBR)--membrane switch keypad/graphic overlay
MeiBoRui(MBR) can offer both non-tactile and tactile switches in a range of forces that can be combined either with a customized graphic overlay or a silicon keypad. We can customize the final solution to incorporate:
 • PCB or flexible PCB – incorporate your membrane switch onto a
   PCB for ease of connection and to reduce the cost of
   a separate control board.
 • Metal or plastic back panels – Increase the rigidity of
   the membrane and allows for ease of assembly to a casing.
 • Backlighting – Selective or indicator backlighting by placing SMD
   inside the membrane
 • Integrated Electronics – incorporate metal domes, LED’s,
   connectors into your membrane panels.
 • Shielding – To meet your ESD, EMI or RFI requirements
 • Integration with touchscreens – Add membrane switch keys to
   supplement your touchscreen product



Packing & Delivery


1.Big paper carton for all membrane switches and graphic overlay (outer) .
2.White or red plastic bubble bag for tactile membrane keyboard (inner) .


Delivery Time: small order 7--10 days, Mass production: 10-20 days
Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union,Visa, E-checking, PayPal 
Supply Ability:100000 pieces per Month


1. What about the sample policy?
(1)Free Samples: If you paid the shipment fee, we can provide free samples for you.
(2)Custom Samples: You can give me the drawings, requirement and quantity, we will give you a quotation.
2. What is the production time?
(1)Custom sample: About 7 days.
(2)Mass production: About 2--3 weeks
3. Can you do the design for us?
There ate many professional engineer having rich experience in graphic overlays& circuit  designing.
Just let us know your ideas and we will help to carry out your ideas into perfect products.
If you send me your samples, we will design the drawings based on the samples and can revise the graphic of the face.
4. What information you need for quotation?
(1)Drawings, photos, requirement, quantity

(2)Overlay Dimension: 
Material: PET/PC
Button Embossed Or Flat
Button No. :3  
LED No. :
Cable Length:30mm
Connector: Female /Male/DoPont Connector
Hole: None
5.How to control quality?
(1)We process the products strictly based on the raw material list.
(2)Our many engineer own many years experience and are very responsible.
(3)Warranty period is one year. If you find some products is bad, you can tell us, we will give you solutions

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